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Examining Students’ Critical Thinking in an Authentic Computer-supported Collaborative Inquiry
Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association
Leng, J; Law, NWY20146
Understanding learners’ knowledge building trajectory through visualizations of multiple automated analyses
Analyzing interactions in CSCL: methods, approaches and issues
Law, NWY; Yuen, KLJ; Wong, OW; Leng, J2011133
Multivocality in visualization and interaction analysis: An exploration of the role of argumentation and questioning in knowledge building
Workshop on Common Objects for Productive Multivocality in Analysis
Law, NWY; Lund, K; Yuen, J; Leng, J; Lu, J2009131
Understanding Knowledge Building from multiple perspectivesLaw, NWY; Lu, J; Leng, J; Yuen, KLJ; Lai, M2008135
Understanding knowledge building from multiple perspectives
International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Utrecht, Netherland
Law, NWY; Lu, J; Leng, J; Yuen, JKL; Lai, M2008169
Characterizing patterns of interaction in knowledge building discourse
Proceedings - ICCE 2008: 16th International Conference on Computers in Education
Leng, J; Lai, M; Law, N2008140
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