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Characterisation of animal angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptors and use of pseudotyped virus to correlate receptor binding with susceptibility of SARS-CoV infectionLi, KKB; Yip, CW; Hon, CC; Lam, CY; Zeng, F; Leung, FCC201255
Green tea supplementation during gestation and lactation modulates heart lipid metabolism and oxidative status in rat offspring born of high-fat diet-fed damsLam, CY; Li, ETS201221
Identification and characterization of tropomyosin 3 associated with granulin-epithelin precursor in human hepatocellular carcinomaLam, CY; Yip, CW; Poon, TCW; Cheng, CKC; Ng, EWY; Wong, NCL; Cheung, PFY; Lai, PBS; Ng, IOL; Fan, ST; Cheung, ST2012131
The impact of the use of ICT on the development of children in low-income familiesLam, CY; Law, CK; Wong, YC; Fung, JYC2010114
Interacting protein of granulin-epithelin precursor in liver cancerLam, CY; Poon, TCW; Cheng, CKC; Cheung, ST2010100
Prediction of post-hepatectomy HCC recurrence by circulating cancer stem cellsYang, ZF; Fan, ST; Ho, DWY; Yu, WC; Lau, CK; Ng, MNP; Lam, CY2009172
Promoting digital inclusion among older people in Hong Kong: Challenges and prospectWong, YC; Law, CK; Fung, JYC; Lam, CY200984
Identification of novel interacting partner of granulin-epithelin precursor in hepatocellular carcinomaLam, CY; Poon, TCW; Cheung, ST200985
Treatment Of Phalangeal And Metacarpal Fractures: A ReviewIp, WY; Fung, BKK; Wong, HK; Lam, CY; Wong, KY2008150
Ruthenium Carbene and Allenylidene Complexes Supported by the Tertiary Amine-Aromatic Diimine Ligand Set: Structural, Spectroscopic, and Theoretical StudiesWong, CY; Lai, LM; Lam, CY; Zhu, N2008130
Digital Exclusions and their Indexing in Information Society: Implications for E-Learning Process and Social ConsequencesWong, YC; Law, CK; Fung, JYC; Lam, CY2007102
Perpetuating old exclusions and producing new ones – digital exclusions in information societyWong, YC; Law, CK; Fung, JYC; Lam, CY2007121
Digital divide and social inclusion: policy challenge for social developmentWong, YC; Law, CK; Fung, JYC; Lam, CY2006101
Impact Analysis Study on the Degree of Digital Inclusiveness in Hong KongWong, YC; Law, CK; Fung, JYC; Lam, CY2006183
Communication between dentists and people with hearing impairmentWong, MCM; Au, HY; Chan, MYH; Chu, KL; Lam, CY; Lau, SYS; Leung, CH; Tam, PTY; Wong, LT200483
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