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Biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solution preserves residual renal function.Kim, S; Oh, KH; Oh, J; Kim, SJ; Chung, W; Song, YR; Na, KY; Oh, YK; Ahn, C; Kim, SG; Tan, KCB201236
SMILE for natural killer/T-cell lymphoma: analysis of safety and efficacy from the Asia Lymphoma Study GroupKwong, YL; Kim, WS; Lim, ST; Kim, SJ; Tang, T; Tse, EWC; Leung, AYH; Chim, JCS2012150
Type II enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: a multicenter analysis from the Asia Lymphoma Study GroupTse, E; Gill, H; Loong, F; Kim, SJ; NG, SB; Tang, T; Ko, YH; Chng, WJ; Lim, ST; Kim, WS; Kwong, YL2012236
Trophoblastic diseaseNgan, HYS; Kohorn, EI; Cole, LA; Kurman, RJ; Kim, SJ; Lurain, JR; Seckl, MJ; Sasaki, S; Soper, JT201224
Optimisation of carbon and glass FRP anchor designZhang, HW; Smith, ST; Kim, SJ2012399
Identification and characterization of adenovirus early region 1B-associated protein 5 as a surface marker on undifferentiated human embryonic stem cellsChoi, HS; Kim, WT; Kim, H; Kim, JJ; Ko, JY; Lee, SW; Jang, YJ; Kim, SJ; Lee, MJ; Jung, HS; Kzhyshkowska, J; Um, SJ; Lee, MY; Lee, SH; Kim, CH; Ryu, CJ201185
Strength and deflection enhancement of RC slabs with anchored FRP strengtheningSmith, ST; Hu, S; Kim, SJ; Seracino, R2011307
FRP-strengthened RC slabs anchored with FRP anchorsSmith, ST; Hu, S; Kim, SJ; Seracino, R2011421
"Hyperglycosylated hCG in the management of quiescent and chemorefractory gestational trophoblastic diseases"Seckl, MJ; Savage, PM; Hancock, BW; Berkowitz, RS; Goldstein, DP; Lurain, JR; Schink, JC; Cagayan, FM; Golfier, F; Ngan, H; Wake, N; Osborne, R; Sasaki, S; Charry, RC; Wong, LC; Sekharan, PK; Djamhoer, MAS; Massuger, L; Belfort, P; Kim, SJ; Lee, C; Jung, SG201084
Pullout strength models for FRP anchors in uncracked concreteKim, SJ; Smith, ST2010663
Testing of large concrete cylinders confined with FRPSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2010180
Behavior and effectiveness of FRP wrap in the confinement of large concrete cylindersSmith, ST; Kim, SJ; Zhang, H2010641
Clinicopathological features and outcome of late relapses of natural killer cell lymphomas 10-29 years after initial remissionAu, WY; Kim, SJ; Yiu, HHY; Ngan, RKC; Loong, F; Kim, WS; Kwong, YL201085
Towards calculating the load-deflection response of anchored FRP-strengthened RC slabsSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2010120
Deflection calculation of FRP-strengthened reinforced concrete flexural membersSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2010182
Effect of surface preparation on the strength of FRP-to-mild steel and FRP-to-stainless steel jointsKim, SJ; Smith, ST; Young, B2010126
Behaviour of handmade FRP anchors under tensile load in uncracked concreteKim, SJ; Smith, ST2009633
Calculation of deflection of FRP-strengthened RC slabs using a tri-linear moment-curvature relationshipSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2009735
Strength and behaviour of impregnated carbon FRP anchors in FRP-to-concrete joint assembliesKim, SJ; Smith, ST2009556
Strengthening of one-way spanning RC slabs with cutouts using FRP compositesSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2009671
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