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Disrupting educational inequality in China: the challenge of providing quality education for rural migrants in Urban ChinaPostiglione, GA; Xie, A; Hong, Y; Zhang, LF201328
Shallow marine ecological degradation in Hong Kong: a palaeoecological approach using ostracodsHong, Y; Yasuhara, M201326
Lower abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea than ammonia-oxidizing bacteria detected in the subsurface sediments of the Northern South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2012148
Interaction of bismuth with proximal tubular cell and hepatcyteHong, Y; Chan, GCF; Sun, H201219
Community shift of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria along an anthropogenic pollution gradient from the Pearl River Delta to the South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2012364
Bismuth's Interaction with Human Proximal Tubular Cell and Human Hepatocyte: Soft Metal's Thirst for Sulfur and Proteomic AnalysisHong, Y; Chan, GCF; Sun, H201250
Diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in polluted mangrove sedimentCao, H; Li, M; Hong, Y; Gu, JD201179
Diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes in sediments from the coastal Pearl River estuary to the South China SeaCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2011185
Phylogenetic Diversity and Ecological Pattern of Ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in the Surface Sediments of the Western PacificCao, H; Hong, Y; Li, M; Gu, JD2011179
Spatial distribution and abundances of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in mangrove sedimentsLi, M; Cao, H; Hong, Y; Gu, JD2011208
A comparison of primer sets for detecting 16S rRNA and hydrazine oxidoreductase genes of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria in marine sedimentsLi, M; Hong, Y; Klotz, MG; Gu, JD2010307
Permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 April 2010 - 31 May 2010Andree, K; Axtner, J; Bagley, MJ; Barlow, EJ; Beebee, TJC; Bennetzen, JL; Bermingham, E; BoisselierDubayle, MC; Bozarth, CA; Brooks, CP; Brown, RP; Catanese, G; Cavers, S; CeronSouza, I; Chak, STC; Chan, MN; CharlesDominique, P; Chen, CY; Chen, JD; Chinchilla, L; Da Silva, D; Dafreville, S; Daunt, F; Delatte, H; Dorge, T; Duncan, N; Durand, JD; Duvernell, D; Estep, M; Fan, S; Fattahi, R; Villela, OF; Fong, Y; Freville, H; Funes, V; GallardoEscarate, C; Ganeshaiah, KN; Ghaffari, MR; Girod, C; GomezMoliner, BJ; GonzalezPorter, GP; Gosa, A; Govers, F; Guerin, F; Guindo, D; Hailer, F; Haye, PA; Hoelmer, KA; Hofmann, S; Hong, Y; Hu, C; Huang, SW; Humeau, L; Infante, C; Jackson, SA; Jacobsen, E; Jowkar, A; Kafi, M; Kermani, MJ; Kim, H; Kim, KS; Kim, MY; Knibb, W; Koita, OA; Korpelainen, H; Lambourdiere, J; Lasso, E; Leblois, R; Lee, H; Lee, S; Leung, FCC; Leung, KMY; Li, C; Li, Y; Lieckfeldt, D; Lizana, M; Loughry, WJ; Luo, P; Madeira, MJ; Mahmoodi, P; Maldonado, JE; Mardi, M; Mendes, O; Miehe, G; Muth, P; Nacci, D; Naveen Kumar, L; Ng, WC; Pailler, T; Parzies, HK; Perez, L; Pfunder, M; Pietilainen, M; Pirseyedi, SM; Porta, D; Porta, J; Porta, JM; Quilici, S; Rakotoarivelo, FP; Ramesha, BT; Ravikanth, G; Riera, B; Risterucci, AM; Roberts, DA; Samadi, S; SarasolaPuente, V; Sarrazin, E; Sarthou, C; Schmidt, A; Segovia, NI; Shen, KN; Simiand, C; Sman, MHB; Solhoy, T; Sommer, S; Sumangala, RC; Taubert, R; Tejangkura, T; Telford, A; Testa, A; TollonCordet, C; Tzeng, WN; Uma Shaanker, R; Van Mourik, TA; Vasudeva, R; Wai, TC; Wang, RL; Welch, ME; Weltzien, E; Whitehead, A; Woodard, A; Xia, J; Zeinolabedini, M; Zhang, L2010172
HEA-Loc: A robust localization algorithm for sensor networks of diversified topologiesHong, Y; Lui, KS; Wu, YC2010284
Bacterial anaerobic respiration and electron transfer relevant to the biotransformation of pollutantsHong, Y; Gu, JD2009243
Bacterial anaerobic ammonia oxidation (Anammox) in the marine nitrogen cycle--a reviewHong, Y; Li, M; Gu, J200997
Degradation of dimethyl carboxylic phthalate ester by Burkholderia cepacia DA2 isolated from marine sediment of South China SeaWang, Y; Yin, B; Hong, Y; Yan, Y; Gu, JD2008258
A systematic review on ankle injury and ankle sprain in sportsFong, DTP; Hong, Y; Chan, LK; Yung, PSH; Chan, KM2007363
Molecular phylogenetic relationships of Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) populations in East Asia and its conservation implicationsMin, M; Hong, Y; Park, H; Kim, Y; Kim, Y; Han, S; Smith, GJ; Renzhu, P; Hwang, M; Myslenkov, A; Voloshina, IV; Kim, C; Kim, J; Lee, H2006156
Viscosity solution to nonlinear H∞ controlHong, Y; Yung, S; Mei, S; Qin, H199756
Expression of three members of the calcium-dependent protein kinase gene family in Arabidopsis thalianaHong, Y; Takano, M; Liu, CM; Gasch, A; Chye, ML; Chua, NH1996142
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