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Bis(N-Heterocyclic Carbene)Ruthenium(II) Porphyrin Complexes. Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Activity towards Carbene Transfer and Insertion ReactionsChan, KH; Guan, X; Lo, KY; Che, CM201380
Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Study of the Photochemistry of Tiaprofenic Acid in a Neutral Phosphate Buffered Aqueous Solution from Femtoseconds to Final ProductsSu, T; Ma, J; Li, MD; Guan, X; Yu, L; Phillips, DL201344
Light-emitting platinum(ii) complexes supported by tetradentate dianionic bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands: towards robust blue electrophosphorsLi, K; Cheng, G; Ma, C; Guan, X; Kwok, WM; Chen, Y; Lu, W; Che, CM201369
Platinum(II) and Gold(III) Allenylidene Complexes: Phosphorescence, Self-Assembled Nanostructures and CytotoxicityXIAO, X; KWONG, WL; Guan, X; Yang, C; Lu, W; Che, CM201386
Nonheme Iron-Mediated Amination of C(sp(3))-H Bonds. Quinquepyridine-Supported Iron-Imide/Nitrene Intermediates by Experimental Studies and DFT CalculationsLiu, Y; Guan, X; Wong, ELM; Liu, P; Huang, JS; Che, CM2013124
Electronic structures and binding properties of chalcogenolate-bridged molecular wheels of ruthenium and osmiumKan, Y; TSO, CH; Chan, SLF; Guan, X; Che, CM201340
Strongly Luminescent Gold(III) Complexes with Long-Lived Excited States: High Emission Quantum Yields, Energy Up-Conversion, and Nonlinear Optical PropertiesTo, WP; Chan, KT; Tong, SM; Ma, C; Kwok, W.-M.; Guan, X; Low, KH; Che, CM201387
How and When Does an Unusual and Efficient Photoredox Reaction of 2-(1-Hydroxyethyl) 9,10-Anthraquinone Occur? A Combined Time-Resolved Spectroscopic and DFT StudyMa, J; Su, T; Li, MD; Du, W; Huang, J; Guan, X; Phillips, DL201244
Unraveling the mechanism of the photodeprotection reaction of 8-bromo- and 8-chloro-7-hydroxyquinoline caged acetatesMa, J; Rea, AC; An, H; Ma, C; Guan, X; Li, MD; Su, T; Yeung, CS; Harris, KT; Zhu, Y; Nganga, JL; Fedoryak, OD; Dore, TM; Phillips, DL2012131
Blue electrophosphorescent organoplatinum(II) complexes with dianionic tetradentate bis(carbene) ligandsLi, K; Guan, X; Ma, CW; Lu, W; Chen, Y; Che, CM201172
Byproducts and pathways of toluene destruction via plasma-catalysisHuang, H; Ye, D; Leung, DYC; Feng, F; Guan, X201182
Water assisted dehalogenation of thionyl halides in the presence of water moleculesYeung, CS; Guan, X; Phillips, DL2011627
Water- and acid-mediated excited-state intramolecular proton transfer and decarboxylation reactions of ketoprofen in water-rich and acidic aqueous solutionsLi, MD; Yeung, CS; Guan, X; Ma, J; Li, W; Ma, C; Phillips, DL2011123
Photophysics and photodeprotection reactions of p-methoxyphenacyl phototriggers: An ultrafast and nanosecond time-resolved spectroscopic and density functional theory studyAn, HY; Kwok, WM; Ma, C; Guan, X; Kan, JTW; Toy, PH; Phillips, DL2010340
Water-assisted dehalogenation of thionyl chloride in the presence of water moleculesYeung, CS; Ng, PL; Guan, X; Phillips, DL201060
Ultrafast time-resolved transient infrared and resonance Raman spectroscopic study of the photo-deprotection and rearrangement reactions of p-hydroxyphenacyl caged phosphatesCao, Q; Guan, X; George, MW; Phillips, DL; Ma, C; Kwok, WM; Li, M; Du, Y; Sun, XZ; Xue, J201075
A time-resolved spectroscopic study of the bichromophoric phototrigger 3',5'-dimethoxybenzoin diethyl phosphate: Interaction between the two chromophores determines the reaction pathwayChensheng, M; Kwok, WM; An, HY; Guan, X; Fu, MY; Toy, PH; Phillips, DL2010455
Unravelling the reaction mechanism for the fast photocyclisation of 2-benzoylpyridine in aqueous solvent by time-resolved spectroscopy and density functional theory calculationsDu, Y; Xue, J; Li, MD; Guan, X; McCamant, DW; Phillips, DL2010319
A resonance Raman spectroscopic and CASSCF investigation of the Franck-Condon region structural dynamics and conical intersections of thiopheneWu, XF; Zheng, X; Wang, HG; Zhao, YY; Guan, X; Phillips, DL; Chen, X; Fang, W2010447
Unravelling the fast photocyclisation reaction mechanism(s) of 2-benzoylpyridine in aqueous solvent by time-resolved spectroscopyDu, Y; Xue, J; Li, M; Guan, X; McCamant, DW; Phillips, DL2010166
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