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The Contemporary Urban Housing and its Building Control in SingaporeGuan, R; Wong, WS; Yeung, TN2008172
Errata: Asian-Pacific consensus statement on the management of chronic hepatitis B: a 2008 updateLiaw, YF; Leung, N; Kao, JH; Piratvisuth, T; Gane, E; Han, KH; Guan, R; Lau, GKK; Locarnini, S; The Chronic Hepatitis B Guideline Working Party of the Asian-Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver2008130
Practical Difficulties in the Management of Hepatitis B in the Asia-Pacific RegionMohamed, R; Desmond, P; Suh, DJ; Amarapurkar, D; Gane, E; Guangbi, Y; Hou, JL; Jafri, W; Lai, CL; Lee, CH; Lee, SD; Lim, SG; Guan, R; Phiet, PH; Piratvisuth, T; Sollano, J; Wu, JC2004118
Four years of lamivudine treatment in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis BChang, TT; Lai, CL; Chien, RN; Guan, R; Lim, SG; Lee, CM; Ng, KY; Nicholls, GJ; Dent, JC; Leung, NWY2004137
Extended lamivudine treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis B enhances hepatitis B e antigen seroconversion rates: Results after 3 years of therapyLeung, NWY; Lai, CL; Chang, TT; Guan, R; Lee, CM; Ng, KY; Lim, SG; Wu, PC; Dent, JC; Edmundson, S; Condreay, LD; Chien, RN200183
Effects of extended lamivudine therapy in asian patients with chronic hepatitis BLiaw, YF; Leung, NWY; Chang, TT; Guan, R; Tai, DI; Ng, KY; Chien, RN; Dent, J; Roman, L; Edmundson, S; Lai, CL200068
Nucleic acid-based cross-linking assay for detection and quantification of hepatitis B virus DNALai, VCH; Guan, R; Wood, ML; Lo, SK; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL1999217
A one-year trial of lamivudine for chronic hepatitis BLai, CL; Chien, RN; Leung, NWY; Chang, TT; Guan, R; Tai, DI; Ng, KY; Wu, PC; Dent, JC; Barber, J; Stephenson, SL; Gray, DF1998314
12 months lamivudine (100mg od) therapy improves liver histology: results of a placebo controlled multicentre study in AsiaLai, CL; Liaw, YF; Leung, NWY; Chang, TT; Guan, R; Tai, DI; Ng, KY; Wu, PC; Dent, JC; Gray, DF1997208
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