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Anti-angiogenic activity of Erxian Decoction, a traditional Chinese herbal formula, in zebrafishYu, X; Tong, Y; Kwok, HF; Sze, CW; Zhong, L; Lau, CBS; Ge, W201233
Conduction band offset of InGaN/AlInGaN quantum wells studied by deep level transient spectroscopic techniqueLu, L; Su, S; Ling, CC; Xu, S; Zhao, D; Zhu, J; Yang, H; Wang, J; Ge, W2012125
A novel prolactin-like protein (PRL-L) gene in chickens and zebrafish: Cloning and characterization of its tissue expressionWang, Y; Li, J; Yan Kwok, AH; Ge, W; Leung, FC2010203
Spin relaxation in submonolayer and monolayer InAs structures grown in a GaAs matrixYang, C; Cui, X; Shen, SQ; Xu, Z; Ge, W2009674
Observation of electric current induced by optically injected spin currentCui, XD; Shen, SQ; Li, J; Ji, Y; Ge, W; Zhang, FC20073,597
Cloning, Regulation of Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Expression, and Function of a New Isoform of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide in the Zebrafish OvaryWang, Y; Wong, AOL; Ge, W2003126
Metamorphic P-T path of the Southern Jilin complex: Implicatiions for tectonic evolution of the Eastern Block of the North China CratonGe, W; Zhao, G; Sun, D; Wu, F; Lin, Q2003144
Study of GaN thin films grown on vicinal SiC (0001) substrates by molecular beam epitaxyLu, L; Yan, H; Yang, CL; Xie, M; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Ge, W2002162
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