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Association between BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutations and Survival in Women with Invasive Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association
American Medical Association. The Journal's web site is located at
Bolton, KL; ChenevixTrench, G; Goh, C; Sadetzki, S; Ramus, SJ; Karlan, BY; Lambrechts, D; Despierre, E; Barrowdale, D; McGuffog, L; Healey, S; Easton, DF; Sinilnikova, O; Benítez, J; García, MJ; Neuhausen, S; Gail, MH; Hartge, P; Peock, S; Frost, D; Evans, DG; Eeles, R; Godwin, AK; Daly, MB; Kwong, A; Ma, ESK; Lázaro, C; Blanco, I; Montagna, M; D'Andrea, E; Nicoletto, MO; Johnatty, SE; Kjær, SK; Jensen, A; Høgdall, E; Goode, EL; Fridley, BL; Loud, JT; Greene, MH; Mai, PL; Chetrit, A; Lubin, F; HirshYechezkel, G; Glendon, G; Andrulis, IL; Toland, AE; Senter, L; Gore, ME; Gourley, C; Michie, CO; Song, H; Tyrer, J; Whittemore, AS; McGuire, V; Sieh, W; Kristoffersson, U; Olsson, H; Borg, Å; Levine, DA; Steele, L; Beattie, MS; Chan, S; Nussbaum, RL; Moysich, KB; Gross, J; Cass, I; Walsh, C; Li, AJ; Leuchter, R; Gordon, O; GarciaClosas, M; Gayther, SA; Chanock, SJ; Antoniou, AC; Pharoah, PDP2012237
Replication and functional genomic analyses of the breast cancer susceptibility locus at 6q25.1 generalize its importance in women of Chinese, Japanese, and European ancestry
Cancer Research
American Association for Cancer Research. The Journal's web site is located at
Cai, Q; Wen, W; Qu, S; Li, G; Egan, KM; Chen, K; Deming, SL; Shen, H; Shen, CY; Gammon, MD; Blot, WJ; Matsuo, K; Haiman, CA; Khoo, US; Iwasaki, M; Santella, RM; Zhang, L; Fair, AM; Hu, Z; Wu, PE; Signorello, LB; TitusErnstoff, L; Tajima, K; Henderson, BE; Chan, KYK; Kasuga, Y; Newcomb, PA; Zheng, H; Cui, Y; Wang, F; Shieh, YL; Iwata, H; Le Marchand, L; Chan, SY; Shrubsole, MJ; TrenthamDietz, A; Tsugane, S; GarciaClosas, M; Long, J; Li, C; Shi, J; Huang, B; Xiang, YB; Gao, YT; Lu, W; Shu, XO; Zheng, W2011412
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