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Educational Equality or Social Mobility: The Value Conflict between Preservice Teachers and the Free Teacher Education Program in ChinaWang, D; Gao, M201336
An analytical solution for the transient response of a cylindrical lined cavity in a poroelastic mediumGao, M; Wang, Y; Gao, GY; Yang, J201330
l-Stepholidine-induced excitation of dopamine neurons in rat ventral tegmental area is associated with its 5-HT 1A receptor partial agonistic activityGao, M; Chu, HY; Jin, GZ; Zhang, ZJ; Wu, J; Zhen, XC2011227
Tunable interfacial properties of epitaxial graphene on metal substratesGao, M; Pan, Y; Zhang, C; Hu, H; Yang, R; Lu, H; Cai, J; Du, S; Liu, F; Gao, HJ201091
Analysis of multi-rows of piles as barriers for passive isolating vibrations in far fieldGao, GY; Shi, G; Gao, M; Yue, QZQ200793
Coexistence of ferromagnetism and superconductivity in Cu-rich lanthanum Cu-oxidesZhao, BR; Dong, XL; Luo, PS; Gao, M; Zhao, ZX; Peng, LM; Ni, YM; Qiu, XG; Awaji, S; Watanabe, K; Wu, F; Xu, B; Zhao, LH; Zhang, FC200259
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