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Origin of secretin receptor precedes the advent of tetrapoda: Evidence on the separated origins of secretin and orexinTam, JKV; Lau, KW; Lee, LTO; Chu, JYS; Ng, KM; Fournier, A; Vaudry, H; Chow, BKC2011184
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide and its receptors: 20 Years after the discoveryVaudry, D; FalluelMorel, A; Bourgault, S; Basille, M; Burel, D; Wurtz, O; Fournier, A; Chow, BKC; Hashimoto, H; Galas, L; Vaudry, H2009177
Serpin b1a controls the antiapoptotic effects of PACAP and NGF in PC12 cells.Ravni, A; Au, YK; Chow, BKC; Fournier, A; Vaudry, H; Eiden, LE; Vaudry, D2007138
The anti-NgR1 antibody, 1D9, rescues rat retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve transection and ocular hypertension-induced glaucomaHu, B; Jirik, A; Fu, Q; Silvian, L; Rabacchi, S; Li, W; Yang, W; Miklasz, S; Pepinsky, B; Fournier, A; Sah, DWY; Wu, W; Lee, DHS; So, KF2005159
Age-specific relevance of usual blood pressure to vascular mortality [4] (multiuple letter)Franklin, SS; Wong, ND; Kannel, WB; Fournier, A; Safar, M; Port, S; Jennrich, R; Adab, P; Cheng, KK; Jiang, CQ; Zhang, WS; Lam, TH; Lewington, S; Clarke, R; Qizilbash, N; Peto, R; Collins, R200399
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide and its receptors in amphibiansYon, L; Alexandre, D; Montéro, M; Chartrel, N; Jeandel, L; Vallarino, M; Conlon, JM; Kikuyama, S; Fournier, A; GraciaNavarro, F; Roubos, E; Chow, B; Arimura, A; Anouar, Y; Vaudry, H2001144
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