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Microchip-CE device with on-chip micro-evaporator for determination of organophosphorus pesticides in vegetableChen, Q; Ma, T; Du, F; Fung, YS201222
A new microfluidic-chip capillary electrophoresis device with a serial dual-electrode detector for biomedical analysisDu, F; Chen, Q; Zhao, W; Fung, YS201251
Gas-phase electrophoretic mobility molecular analyzer (GEMMA) for determination of urinary proteinsMa, T; Chen, Q; Du, F; Fung, YS201243
Determination of pesticides by microchip-capillary electrophoresis device with magnetically immobilized QD for LIF detectionChen, Q; Zhao, W; Du, F; Fung, YS201255
Microchip-capillary electrophoresis devices incorporating magnetically activated microbeads with molecularly imprinted polymer for determination of antibiotics in milkZhao, W; Du, F; Chen, Q; Fung, YS201245
Microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis devices for metabolomics applicationsFung, YS; Guo, W; Du, F201231
Spatiotemporal dynamics of diffusional kurtosis, mean diffusivity and perfusion changes in experimental strokeHui, ES; Du, F; Huang, S; Shen, Q; Duong, TQ201225
Dual micro-electrodes as CE and HPLC post-column detectors for Peak Purity Assessment and Protein DeterminationDu, F; Mo, SY; Fung, YS201141
Diffusion kurtosis is sensitive to hyperacute cerebral ischemia and increases with ischemic progression without renormalizationHui, SK; Du, F; Shen, Q; Huang, S; Duong, TQ201115
Dual opposite carbon-fiber micro-disk electrodes for detection and purity assessment of CE peaks from polyphenols in red wineDu, F; Fung, YS201169
Can diffusion kurtosis imaging provide better ischemic lesion delineation?Hui, SK; Du, F; Shen, Q; Huang, S; Duong, TQ201115
Microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis devices - dual electrode detectors for direct and indirect determination of analytes in complcated sample matrixesFung, YS; Du, F201133
Microfluidic-chip capillary electrophoresis device incorporating a new serial dual-microelectrode detector for the determination of amino acids and proteins in foodDu, F; Fung, YS201053
Development of CE-dual opposite carbon-fiber micro-disk electrode detection for peak purity assessment of polyphenols in red wineDu, F; Fung, YS2010123
Effect of hole-doping on the valence state and magnetic property in S = 1/2 spin-chain system LiCuVO4Du, F; Wei, Y; Chen, Y; Hu, F; Bie, X; Wang, C; Chen, G; Zou, G2009115
Transport and magnetic properties of disordered LixVyO2 (x=0.8 and y=0.8)Du, F; Li, A; Liu, D; Zhan, S; Hu, F; Wang, C; Chen, Y; Feng, S; Chen, G2009132
Differential Amperometric Dual Electrode Detection For Peak Purity Assessment Of Polyphenols In Red Wine After Separation By Microfluidic Chip-capillary ElectrophoresisDu, F; Fung, YS2009110
Determination of Biologically Important Polyphenols by Capillary Electrophoresis wiht Electrochemical DectionDu, F; Fung, YS2008115
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