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Depth functions as measures of representativenessDong, Y; Lee, SMS201343
Bilateral Counterparty Risk Valuation On A Cds With A Common Shock ModelDong, Y; Wang, G; Yuen, KC201345
eGFR improvement in chronic hepatitis b patients with telbivudine treatment is independent of antiviral activityGane, EJ; Liaw, YF; Wang, Y; Lai, CL; Rasenack, J; Zeuzem, S; Chan, HLY; Ren, H; Dong, Y; Uddin, A; Jung, ME; Bosset, S; Trylesinski, A201330
Kinetics of serological responses in influenza A(H7N9)-infected patients correlate with clinical outcome in China, 2013Zhang, A; Huang, Y; Tian, D; Lau, EHY; Wan, Y; Liu, X; Dong, Y; Song, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, J; Bao, M; Zhou, M; Yuan, S; Sun, J; Zhu, Z; Hu, Y; Chen, L; Leung, CYH; Wu, JTK; Zhang, Z; Zhang, X; Peiris, JSM; Xu, J201318
Variations in cardiac performance and heat shock protein expression to thermal stress in two differently zoned limpets on a tropical rocky shoreDong, Y; Williams, GA2011163
Distinct ethnic differences in lipid profiles across glucose categoriesZhang, L; Qiao, Q; Tuomilehto, J; Janus, ED; Lam, TH; Ramachandran, A; Mohan, V; Stehouwer, CDA; Dong, Y; Nakagami, T; Onat, A; Söderberg, S2010104
Fabrication and optoelectronic properties of novel films based on functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes and (Phthalocyaninato)Ruthenium(II) via coordination bonded layer-by-layer self-assemblyZhao, W; Tong, B; Shi, J; Pan, Y; Shen, J; Zhi, J; Chan, WK; Dong, Y2010124
Incidence of gastroduodenal ulcers during treatment with celecoxib or diclofenac: Pooled results from three 12-week trials in Chinese patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritisCheung, R; Cheng, TT; Dong, Y; Lin, HY; Lai, K; Lau, CS; Feng, H; Parsons, B2010230
Cost-effective macro-porous mullite-corundum ceramic membrane supports derived from the industrial grade powderDong, Y; Lin, B; Xie, K; Wang, S; Ding, H; Fang, D; Liu, X; Meng, G2009218
The Clock in the Cloud: a Fabricated Dialogue on BeijingSolomon, JD; Chang, YH; Dong, Y; Fan, L; Feng, Y; Jiang, J; Ma, Y; Pan, G; Pan, S; Peyron, P; Qing, L; Wang, J; Yin, J2009197
BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ proton-conducting electrolyte prepared by gel-casting for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cellsDing, H; Lin, B; Fang, D; Dong, Y; Wang, S; Liu, X; Meng, G2009181
Intermediate-to-low temperature protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells with Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ-BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ composite cathodeLin, B; Ding, H; Dong, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Fang, D; Meng, G2009221
ARMR: Anonymous routing protocol with multiple routes for communications in mobile ad hoc networksDong, Y; Chim, TW; Li, VOK; Yiu, SM; Hui, CK2009766
Asymmetric porous cordierite hollow fiber membrane for microfiltrationZhang, X; Fang, D; Lin, B; Dong, Y; Meng, G; Liu, X2009188
Fabrication of dense LaCrO3-based interconnect thin membrane on anode substrates by co-firingWang, S; Dong, Y; Lin, B; Gao, J; Liu, X; Meng, G2009104
On the renewal risk model under a threshold strategyDong, Y; Wang, G; Yuen, KC200955
Cost-effective tubular cordierite micro-filtration membranes processed by co-sinteringDong, Y; Lin, B; Wang, S; Xie, K; Fang, D; Zhang, X; Ding, H; Liu, X; Meng, G2009201
Stable, easily sintered BaCe0.5Zr0.3Y0.16Zn0.04O3-δ electrolyte-based proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells by gel-casting and suspension sprayLin, B; Dong, Y; Wang, S; Fang, D; Ding, H; Zhang, X; Liu, X; Meng, G2009159
A new notion of data depth based on goodness-of-fit testsDong, Y; Lee, SMS2009182
In situ screen-printed BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ electrolyte-based protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells with layered SmBaCo2O5+x cathodeLin, B; Dong, Y; Yan, R; Zhang, S; Hu, M; Zhou, Y; Meng, G2009167
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