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Paleoproterozoic structural evolution of the southern segment of the Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt, North China CratonLi, S; Zhao, G; Santosh, M; Liu, X; Dai, L; Suo, Y; Tam, PY; Song, M; Wang, P2012122
Mesozoic basins in eastern China and their bearing on the deconstruction of the North China CratonLi, S; Zhao, G; Dai, L; Liu, X; Zhou, L; Santosh, M; Suo, Y2012152
Cenozoic faulting of the Bohai Bay Basin and its bearing on the destruction of the eastern North China CratonLi, S; Zhao, G; Dai, L; Zhou, H; Liu, X; Suo, Y; Santosh, M2012133
Thermochronological constraints on two-stage extrusion of HP/UHP terranes in the Dabie-Sulu orogen, east-central ChinaLi, S; Kusky, TM; Zhao, G; Liu, X; Wang, L; Kopp, H; Hoernle, K; Zhang, G; Dai, L2011598
Deformation history of the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping Complexes: Implications for the evolution of the Trans-North China OrogenLi, S; Zhao, G; Wilde, SA; Zhang, J; Sun, M; Zhang, G; Dai, L2010196
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