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A mixed-valent ruthenium-oxo oxalato cluster Na7[Ru 4(μ3-O)4(C2O4) 6] with potent anti-HIV activitiesWong, ELM; Sun, RWY; Chung, NPY; Lin, CLS; Zhu, N; Che, CM2006104
Physiologically stable vanadium(IV) porphyrins as a new class of anti-HIV agentsWong, SY; Sun, RWY; Chung, NPY; Lin, CL; Che, CM200585
Silver nanoparticles fabricated in Hepes buffer exhibit cytoprotective activities toward HIV-1 infected cellsSun, RWY; Chen, R; Chung, NPY; Ho, CM; Lin, CLS; Che, CM2005402
Dendritic cells: Sentinels against pathogensChung, NPY; Chen, Y; Chan, VSF; Tam, PKH; Lin, CLS200477
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