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Profiling of oxidized lipid products of marine fish under acute oxidative stressChung, ML; Lee, KY; Lee, CYJ201334
Survival analysis of patients with transplantable recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: Implications for salvage liver transplantNg, KK; Chung, ML; Chi, LL; Poon, RTP; See, CC; Sheung, TF2008137
Management of carcinoma of the gallbladder: A single-institution experience in 16 yearsSiu, YC; Poon, RTP; Chung, ML; Ng, K; Sheung, TF200899
Tumor size and operative risks of extended right-sided hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma: Implication for preoperative portal vein embolizationChik, BH; Chi, LL; Sheung, TF; Chung, ML; Poon, RTP; Chi, ML; Wong, J200795
Failure of hepatitis B vaccination in patients receiving lamivudine prophylaxis after liver transplantation for chronic hepatitis BChung, ML; Chi, LL; See, CC; Lau, GK; Sheung, TF200595
Hepatic resection for incidentalomaChi, LL; Sheung, TF; Chung, ML; See, CC; Wai, KT; Ng, IO; Wong, J2004120
Long-term survival and pattern of recurrence after resection of small hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with preserved liver function: Implications for a strategy of salvage transplantationPoon, RTP; Sheung, TF; Chung, ML; Chi, LL; Wong, J2002314
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