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Development of a multi-locus sequence typing scheme for Laribacter hongkongensis, a novel bacterium associated with freshwater fish-borne gastroenteritis and traveler's diarrheaWoo, PCY; Teng, JLL; Tsang, AKL; Tse, H; Tsang, VYM; Chan, KM; Lee, EKY; Chan, JKH; Ma, SSL; Tam, DMW; Chung, LMW; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY2009295
MP1 homologue-based multilocus sequence system for typing the pathogenic fungus Penicillium marneffei: A novel approach using lineage-specific genesWoo, PCY; Lau, CCY; Chong, KTK; Tse, H; Tsang, DNC; Lee, RA; Tse, CWS; Que, TL; Chung, LMW; Ngan, AHY; Hui, WT; Wong, SSY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY2007163
Catabacter hongkongensis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from blood cultures of patients from Hong Kong and CanadaLau, SKP; Mcnabb, A; Woo, GKS; Hoang, L; Fung, AMY; Chung, LMW; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY200775
In silico analysis of 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing-based methods for identification of medically important anaerobic bacteriaWoo, PCY; Chung, LMW; Teng, JLL; Tse, H; Pang, SSY; Lau, VYT; Wong, VWK; Kam, KL; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY2007252
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