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Essential role for Smad3 in angiotensin II-induced tubular epithelial-mesenchymal transitionYang, F; Huang, XR; Chung, ACK; Hou, CC; Lai, KN; Lan, HY2010132
C-reactive protein promotes cardiac fibrosis and inflammation in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiac diseaseZhang, R; Zhang, YY; Huang, XR; Wu, Y; Chung, ACK; Wu, EX; Szalai, AJ; Wong, BCY; Lau, CP; Lan, HY2010263
Smad3 mediates cardiac inflammation and fibrosis in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive cardiac remodelingHuang, XR; Chung, ACK; Yang, F; Yue, W; Deng, C; Lau, CP; Tse, HF; Lan, HY2010119
Disruption of the Smad7 gene promotes renal fibrosis and inflammation in unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO) in miceChung, ACK; Huang, XR; Zhou, L; Heuchel, R; Lai, KN; Lan, HY2009113
Mice Overexpressing Latent TGF-{beta}1 Are Protected against Renal Fibrosis in Obstructive Kidney Disease.Lan, XR; Chung, ACK; Wang, XJ; Lai, KN; Lan, HY200857
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Knockout Mice Are Protected Against Helicobacter Pylori Induced Gastritis.Wong, LW; Zhu, SL; Zhang, SY; Lan, XR; Chung, ACK; Zhang, R; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY; Xia, HHX; Lan, HY200791
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