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A questionnaire study assessing local physicians, radiologists and interns’ knowledge and practice pertaining to radiation exposure related to radiological imagingWong, CS; Huang, B; Sin, HK; Wong, WL; Yiu, KL; Chu, TYC2011176
Peri-tumoural magnetic resonance spectroscopy to differentiate solitary primary intra-axial high-grade glioma and brain metastasis: A pilot studyWong, CS; Chu, TYC; Ma, JKF201087
Retroperitoneal schwannoma: A common tumour in an uncommon siteWong, CS; Chu, TYC; Tam, KF2010123
An audit of the upper gastrointestinal contrast examination protocol in patients with suspected small bowel obstructionChu, TYC; Wong, CS; Mak, WS; Ma, KF; Cheng, LF2009144
Bone metastases from gastrointestinal stromal tumour: Correlation with positron emission tomography-computed tomographyChu, TYC; Wong, CS200996
Identifying pleomorphic hyalinizing angiectatic tumor: a case reportWong, CS; Chu, TYC; Griffith, J; Hung, ANW2009143
Clinical and radiological features of generalised lymphangiomatosisWong, CS; Chu, TYC2008122
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