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Construction manpower demand forecasting: a comparative study of univariate time series, multiple regression and econometric modelling techniquesWong, JMW; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH2011225
Forecasting construction manpower demand: a time series modelWong, JMW; Ng, TST; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH2009125
Coping with structural change in construction: experiences gained from advanced economiesNg, TST; Fan, RYC; Wong, JMW; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH; Lam, PTI; Kumaraswamy, MM2009139
Volume building as competitive strategyChiang, YH; Tang, BS; Wong, F2008139
Construction and economic development: The case of Hong KongWong, JMW; Chiang, YH; Ng, TS2008189
Alternative approach to credit scoring by DEA: Evaluating borrowers with respect to PFI projectsCheng, EWL; Chiang, YH; Tang, BS2007160
Exploring the economic impact of construction pollution by disaggregating the construction sector of the input-output tableCheng, EWL; Chiang, YH; Tang, BS200668
Alternative theories of appraisal biasYiu, CY; Tang, BS; Chiang, YH; Choy, LHT200686
Examining repercussions of consumptions and inputs placed on the construction sector by use of I-O tables and DEAChiang, YH; Cheng, EWL; Tang, BS200679
Exploring critical success factors for partnering in construction projectsChan, APC; Chan, DWM; Chiang, YH; Tang, BS; Chan, EHW; Ho, KSK2004277
'Submarines don't leak, why do buildings?' Building quality, technological impediment and organization of the building industry in Hong KongChiang, YH; Tang, BS2003107
Market structure of the construction industry in Hong KongChiang, YH; Tang, BS; Leung, WY2001218
Globalization and construction industry development: Implications of recent developments in the construction sector in AsiaRaftery, J; Pasadilla, B; Chiang, YH; Hui, ECM; Tang, BS1998262
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