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Bringing scientific rigor to community-developed programs in Hong KongFabrizio, CS; Hirschmann, MAR; Lam, TH; Cheung, T; Pang, I; Chan, SSC; Stewart, SM201285
Should clinicians start measuring flow mediated dilation response in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus?Lau, CS; Cheung, T2011144
Prevention of acute myocardial infarction and stroke among elderly persons by dual pneumococcal and influenza vaccination: A prospective cohort studyHung, IFN; Leung, AYM; Chu, DWS; Leung, D; Cheung, T; Chan, CK; Lam, CLK; Liu, SH; Chu, NM; Ho, PL; Chan, S; Lam, TH; Liang, R; Yuen, KY2010623
Comparison of PTSD symptoms, depression and anxiety between bereaved and non-bereaved survivors after the Wenchuan earthquakeYuan, Y; Mao, WJ; Yang, DH; Ran, MS; Kong, D; Cheung, T; Liu, Y; Wang, X; Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW; Ho, KK2009191
Intelligent Building Index (IBI) Manual - version 4.0Yiu, CY; Cheung, T; Cheung, A; Hui, S; Lau, PC; Liu, CH; Liu, H; Lo, W; Ma, PWP; Pau, WK; Tang, KSK; Yu, C2009358
Diagnosing acute appendicitis: are we overusing radiological investigations?Wong, KKY; Cheung, T; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2008100
Coronaviral hypothetical and structural proteins were found in the intestinal surface enterocytes and pneumocytes of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Chan, WS; Wu, C; Chow, SCS; Cheung, T; To, KF; Leung, WK; Chan, PKS; Lee, KC; Ng, HK; Au, DMY; Lo, AWI200583
Patient dissatisfaction from the dentist's perspectiveLo, ECM; Liu, JKS; Cheung, T; Ching, SK; Chung, GCH; Ho, YL; Lau, JMK; Law, CH; Li, MK; Luk, KC; Wu, HF200491
Multivalent Antibiotics via Metal Complexes: Potent Divalent Vancomycins against Vancomycin-Resistant EnterococciXing, B; Yu, CW; Ho, PL; Chow, KH; Cheung, T; Gu, H; Cai, Z; Xu, B200388
Steady, periodic gamma-ray emission from accreting X-ray pulsarsCheng, KS; Lau, MM; Cheung, T; Leung, PP; Ding, KY199263
Neutrino production from accreting x-ray pulsarsCheng, KS; Cheung, T; Lau, MM; Ng, KW199256
Could very high energy gamma rays from the Crab nebula result from p-p collision?Cheng, KS; Cheung, T; Lau, MM; Yu, KN; Kwok, PW199056
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