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Increasing the competitive positions of countries through employee training: The competitiveness motive across 33 countriesCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2012123
Cultural Dimensions, Ethical Sensitivity, and Corporate GovernanceChan, AWH; Cheung, HY2012268
The relationship of competitiveness motive on people's happiness through educationCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2011135
Education and competitive economy: How do cultural dimensions fit in?Cheung, HY; Chan, AWH2010812
The effect of education on life satisfaction across countriesCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2009147
Relationships amongst cultural dimensions, educational expenditure and class size of different nationsCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2008147
Understanding the relationships among PISA scores, economic growth and employment in different sectors: A cross-country studyCheung, HY; Chan, AWH200861
Corruption across countries: Impacts from education and cultural dimensionsCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2008143
Common cultural relationships in corporate governance across developed and emerging financial marketsChan, AWH; Cheung, HY2008175
How culture affects female inequality across countries: An empirical studyCheung, HY; Chan, AWH2007154
Reversal of multidrug resistance in cancer cells by Rhizoma Alismatis extractFong, WF; Wang, C; Zhu, GY; Leung, CH; Yang, MS; Cheung, HY200760
Reporting Sustainabiilty in Hong Kong and the Central and Western District: Technical ReportNg, MK; Lo, YH; Cheung, HY; Lee, KW; Leung, DTH; Kwan, BYW2007122
Erratum: "How culture affects female inequality across countries: An empirical study" (Journal of Studies in International Education (2007) (157-179))Cheung, HY; Chan, AWH200753
In vitro studies of endophytic fungi from Tripterygium wilfordii with anti-proliferative activity on human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsKumar, DSS; Cheung, HY; Lau, CS; Chen, F; Hyde, KD2004255
Involvement of NF-κB and c-myc signaling pathways in the apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by alkaloids of Tripterygium hypoglaucum (levl.) HutchZhuang, WJ; Fong, CC; Cao, J; Ao, L; Leung, CH; Cheung, HY; Xiao, PG; Fong, WF; Yang, MS200479
Reversal of multidrug resistance in cancer cells by pyranocoumarins isolated from Radix PeucedaniWu, JYC; Fong, WF; Zhang, JX; Leung, CH; Kwong, HL; Yang, MS; Li, D; Cheung, HY200388
Immunomodulatory activity of an endophytic fungus isolated from Tripterygium wilfordiiKumar, S; Lau, WCS; Chan, WK; Yang, D; Cheung, HY; Chen, F; Hyde, KD2003122
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