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Identification of igf1, slc4a4, wwox, and sfmbt1 as hypertension susceptibility genes in han chinese with a genome-wide gene-based association studyYang, HC; Liang, YJ; Chen, JW; Chiang, KM; Chung, CM; Ho, HY; Ting, CT; Lin, TH; Sheu, SH; Tsai, WC; Chen, JH; Leu, HB; Yin, WH; Chiu, TY; Chern, CI; Lin, SJ; Tomlinson, B; Guo, Y; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; Lam, TH; Thomas, G; Pan, WH2012157
High expression of p300 in human breast cancer correlates with tumor recurrence and predicts adverse prognosisXiao, XS; Cai, MY; Chen, JW; Guan, XY; Kung, HF; Zeng, YX; Xie, D2011140
A genome-wide gene-based associated study identifies SLC4A4, WWOX and COMMD7 as hypertension susceptibility genes in a Han Chinese populationYang, HC; Liang, LJ; Chiang, KM; Thomas, G; Tomlinson, B; Cherny, SS; Gu, Y; Lam, TH; Chen, JW; Pan, WH2010117
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