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Molecular diagnosis in clinical parasitology: When and why?
Experimental biology and medicine
Wong, SSY; Fung, KS; Chau, S; Poon, WSR; Wong, SCY; Yuen, KY201434
Evaluation of real-time PCR for quantitative detection of Escherichia coli in beach water
J Water Health
Lam, TH; Lui, E; Chau, S; Kueh, CS; Yung, YK; Yam, WC201433
Molecular characterization of a catalase-negative Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus strain collected from a patient with mitral valve endocarditis and pericarditis revealed a novel nonsense mutation in the katA gene
Journal of Clinical Microbiology
American Society for Microbiology.
To, KKW; Cheng, VCC; Chan, JFW; Wong, ACY; Chau, S; Tsang, FHF; Curreem, SOT; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Woo, PCY2011419
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