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Over-expression of miR-106b promotes cell migration and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma by activating epithelial-mesenchymal transition processYau, WL; Lam, SC; Ng, L; Chow, KM; Chan, TC; Chan, JYK; Wo, YH; Ng, KTP; Man, K; Poon, RTP; Pang, RWC201384
Prevalence and Associated Comorbidities of Moderate to Severe Chronic Renal Impairment in Chinese Nursing Home Older AdultsChan, TC; Yap, DYH; Shea, YF; Luk, KH; Chan, HW; Chu, LW2012116
Prevention Of Mortality And Pneumonia Among Nursing Home Older Adults By Dual Pneumococcal And Seasonal Influenza Vaccination During A Pandemic Caused By Novel Pandemic Influenza A (h1n1).Chan, TC; Hung, IFN; Luk, JKH; Woo, PCY; Chu, LW201269
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: An uncommon clinical presentation of tuberculosisShea, YF; Chan, JFW; Kwok, WC; Hwang, YY; Chan, TC; Ni, MY; Li, WS; Chiu, PKC; Luk, JKH; Chu, LW201222
Efficacy of dual vaccination of pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza and seasonal influenza on institutionalized elderly: a one-year prospective cohort studyChan, TC; Hung, IFN; Luk, JKH; Shea, YF; Chan, FHW; Woo, PCY; Chu, LW201193
Reduced CRYL1 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma confers cell growth advantages and correlates with adverse patient prognosisCheng, IK; Ching, AK; Chan, TC; Chan, AW; Wong, CK; Choy, KW; Man, K; Lai, PB; Wong, N2010370
Financial abuse in a mentally incapacitated old manChan, TC; Luk, JKH; Liu, A; Chiu, PKC; Chan, FHW; Chu, LW2009114
Could the compact remnant of SN 1987A be a quark star?Chan, TC; Cheng, KS; Harko, TC; Lau, HK; Lin, LM; Suen, WM; Tian, X2009159
Correlation of grain size with physicomechanical properties of Ma On Shan MarblesZhou, Y; Tham, LG; Cheuk, JCY; Chan, TC2009197
Electron-deficient alkynes as cleavable reagents for the modification of cysteine-containlng peptides in aqueous mediumShiu, HY; Chan, TC; Ho, CM; Liu, Y; Wong, MK; Che, CM2009337
Utilization of neuron-cognitive science for the improvement of language education in Hong KongTo, CY; Kwan, TF; Fok, TF; Chan, ASY; Chan, FHY; Chan, TC; Chan, WK; Chan, YL; Chau, AWL; Fung, KP; Fung, ML; Fung, PCW; Hoosain, R; Hung, JHW; Lam, CS; Lau, DC; Lee, KM; Mark, KK; Mok, AKW; Ng, SCY; Ng, YL; So, ATP; Tang, MS; Yue, KC2006126
Dioxiranes generated in situ from pyruvates and oxone as environmentally friendly oxidizing agents for disinfectionWong, MK; Chan, TC; Chan, WY; Chan, WK; Vrijmoed, LLP; O'Toole, DK; Che, CM20061,444
Association between body mass index and risk of formation of breast cancer in Chinese womenChow, LWC; Lui, KL; Chan, JCY; Chan, TC; Ho, PK; Lee, WY; Leung, LH; Sy, WM; Yeung, CC; Yung, AKM200556
The reproducibility of cephalometric landmarks: an experimental study on skulls.Hägg, U; Cooke, MS; Chan, TC; Tng, TT; Lau, PY199872
Electroencephalography: Recent developments and applicationsChau, AWL; Chan, TC; Shek, DTL199618
A simple cellor automation model of type I x-ray burstChau, HF; Cheng, KS; Chan, TC1995104
Statistics of the burst model at super-critical phaseChan, TC; Chau, HF; Cheng, KS1995115
Cellular automaton model for diffusive and dissipative systemsChan, TC; Chau, HF; Cheng, KS1995352
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