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Comparison of mRNA Splicing Assay Protocols across Multiple Laboratories: Recommendations for Best Practice in Standardized Clinical TestingWhiley, P; de la Hoya, M; Thomassen, M; Becker, A; Brandao, R; Pedersen, IS; Montagna, M; Menendez, M; Quiles, F; Enriquez, SG; De Leeneer, K; Tenes, A; Montalban, G; Tserpelis, D; Yoshimatsu, T; Tirapo, C; Raponi, M; Caldes, T; Blanco, A; Santamarina, M; Guidugli, L; de Garibay, GR; Wong, M; Tancredi, M; Fachal, L; Ding, Y; Kruse, T; Lattimore, V; Kwong, A; Chan, T; Colombo, M; De Vecchi, G; Caligo, M; Baralle, D; Lazaro, C; Couch, F; Radice, P; Southey, M; Neuhausen, S; Houdayer, C; Fackenthal, J; Hansen, T; Vega, A; Diez, O; Blok, R; Claes, K; Wappenschmidt, B; Walker, L; Spurdle, A; Brown, M201328
Andrographolide protects against cigarette smoke-induced oxidative lung injury via augmentation of Nrf2 activityGuan, S; Tee, W; Ng, D; Chan, T; Peh, H; Ho, W; Cheng, C; Mak, JCW; Wong, WS201335
Absence of NPM1 promoter hypermethylation in human myelodysplastic syndromeCheng, YY; Chau, D; Chan, T; Gill, H; Liang, R; Kwong, YL; Tse, E201089
Transient carcinoembryonic antigen elevations during adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer reflect the burden of residual micrometastatic diseaseYau, T; Wong, H; Chan, P; Chan, T; Mak, J; Epstein, R2010118
Goldfish kisspeptin: Molecular cloning, tissue distribution of transcript expression, and stimulatory effects on prolactin, growth hormone and luteinizing hormone secretion and gene expression via direct actions at the pituitary levelYang, B; Jiang, Q; Chan, T; Ko, WKW; Wong, AOL201065
Experimental analysis of an RFID security protocolLuo, Z; Chan, T; Li, JS; Wong, E; Cheung, W; Ng, V; Fok, W2006143
A Networking Community-based Rehabilitation for stroke patients: an experience in Hong Kong.Li, LSW; Fong, YM; Chan, T; Yung, MT; Leung, KP; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL1999102
A skullholding device for research in cephalometrics.Chan, T; Tng, TH; Hagg, EUO; Cooke, MS1994102
Long-term treatment of hyperprolactinaemia with bromocriptine: Effect of drug withdrawalWang, C; Lam, KSL; Ma, JTC; Chan, T; Liu, MY; Yeung, RTT1987104
The effect of pictorial criteria upon the reliability of assessments of cavity preparationsBedi, R; Lo, E; King, NM; Chan, T198776
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