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Efficacy of Qigong in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome: a prospective randomized controlled trial.Chan, SM201243
Introduction to art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz-Penkin, DL; Potash, JS; Chan, SM201285
Art Therapy in Asia: To the Bone or Wrapped in SilkKalmanowitz-Penkin, DL; Potash, JS; Chan, SM2012116
Critical themes of art therapy in AsiaKalmanowitz, D; Potash, JS; Chan, SM201288
Push-type percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy with ultrathin endoscope in patients with severe trismus or obstruction due to head and neck cancers: A case seriesChan, SM; Teoh, AYB; Wong, TCL; Chiu, PWY; Wong, SKH; Ng, EKW2011174
Oral health care service for elders in a care and attention homeLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Chan, SM; Chan, WL; Ching, ST; Fok, WC; Law, WM; Lee, YM; Leung, CSY; Wong, LO; Wong, N2008113
The basic unit of and the development of writing skills in ChineseLeung, MT; Chan, SM200887
Smart instant messenger in pervasive computing environmentsLaw, CF; Zhang, X; Chan, SM; Wang, CL2006131
Aspartic acid scanning mutation analysis of a goldfish growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) receptor specific to the GHRHsalmon-like peptideKee, F; Ng, SSM; Vaudry, H; Pang, RTK; Lau, EHY; Chan, SM; Chow, BKC2005152
A face recognition embedded systemPun, KH; Moon, YS; Tsang, CC; Chow, CT; Chan, SM2005132
An evaluation of a secondary prevention programme against osteoporosis fracturesKwok, CF; Chan, SM; Lee, KK; Ho, AYY; Chan, YY; Li, PF; Wong, YW; Leung, F; Luk, KDK; Kung, AWC200576
Organization of the shrimp vitellogenin gene: Evidence of multiple genes and tissue specific expression by the ovary and hepatopancreasTsang, WS; Quackenbush, LS; Chow, BKC; Tiu, SHK; He, JG; Chan, SM2003161
Molecular cloning, expression of orange-spotted grouper goose-type lysozyme cDNA, and lytic activity of its recombinant proteinYin, ZX; He, JG; Deng, WX; Chan, SM2003506
Characterization of an additional molt inhibiting hormone-like neuropeptide from the shrimp Metapenaeus ensisGu, PL; Tobe, SS; Chow, BKC; Chu, KH; He, JG; Chan, SM2002135
Characterization of a novel cellular retinoic acid/retinol binding protein from shrimp: Expression of the recombinant protein for immunohistochemical detection and binding assayGu, PL; Gunawardene, YINSilva; Chow, BC; He, JG; Chan, SM2002124
Erratum: The shrimp famet cDNA is encoded for a putative enzyme involved in the methylfarnesoate (MF) biosynthetic pathway and is temporally expressed in the eyestalk of different sexes (Insert Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2001) 31 (1115-1124) PII:S0965174801000601)Silva Gunawardene, YIN; Chow, BKC; He, JG; Chan, SM200246
Identification of a potential receptor for both peptide histidine isoleucine and peptide histidine valineDicky LaiYin, TSE; Pang, RTK; Wong, AONL; Chan, SM; Vaudry, H; Chow, BKC2002129
Function and cellular localization of farnesoic acid O-methyltransferase (FAMeT) in the shrimp, Metapenaeus ensisSilva Gunawardene, YIN; Tobe, SS; Bendena, WG; Chow, BKC; Yagi, KJ; Chan, SM2002143
Structural and functional identification of the pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide receptor VPAC2 from the frog Rana tigrina rugulosaHoo, RLC; Alexandre, D; Chan, SM; Anouar, Y; Pang, RTK; Vaudry, H; Chow, BKC2001145
The shrimp FAMeT cDNA is encoded for a putative enzyme involved in the methylfarnesoate (MF) biosynthetic pathway and is temporally expressed in the eyestalk of different sexesSilva Gunawardene, YIN; Chow, BKC; He, JG; Chan, SM2001108
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