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Surveillance on central venous catheter complications in paediatric haematology oncology unitHung, CY; Chiu, SY; Shum, SK; Chan, HY; Cheuk, KLD; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF201325
Treatment of children with drug-resistant graft-versus-host-disease by extracorporeal photopheresisChiu, SY; Chan, HY; Shum, SK; Cheuk, KLD; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF201316
Becoming a reflective ART practitioner: Development of the Professional Training Programme in Infertility Counseling for healthcare professionals in Hong KongChan, CHY; Chan, CLW; Leong, MKH; Chan, HY; Cheung, KM201320
Effects of Qigong exercise on quality of life and cognitive functioning in people with cancerChan, HY; Yuen, LP; Lee, T; Chan, JSM; Sham, JST; Chan, CLW201353
To scale, or not to scale? Willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, RYL; Chan, TCL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; Lam, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL; McGrath, CPJ201324
Stem cell transcription factor NANOG controls cell migration and invasion via dysregulation of E-cadherin and FoxJ1 and contributes to adverse clinical outcome in ovarian cancersSiu, MKY; Wong, ESY; Kong, DSH; Chan, HY; Jiang, L; Wong, OGW; Lam, EWF; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, AN2013117
Experimental philosophy: possibilities and limitsChan, HY201318
Treatment of children with drug-resistant graft-versus-host-disease by extracorporeal photopheresisChiu, SY; Chan, HY; Cheuk, KLD; Lee, PPW; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF; Shum, SK201329
To scale, or not to scale? : willingness-to-accept non-surgical periodontal treatmentChan, TCL; Chan, RYL; Chan, HY; Lam, LT; La, YL; Li, ST; Poon, CP; Tse, WL201335
Incompatibilist about what?Chan, HY; Deutsch, ME201225
The long-term and anti-aging effects of qigong on patients with chronic fatigue syndromeHo, RTH; Chan, JSM; Yuen, LP; Chan, HY; Sham, JST; Chan, CLW201284
Paradoxical impact of two folate receptors, FRα and RFC, in ovarian cancer: effect on cell proliferation, invasion and clinical outcomeSiu, KY; Kong, DS; Chan, HY; Wong, ESY; Ip, PPC; Jiang, L; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, ANY201242
Simulation of vibrations of Ting Kau Bridge due to vehicular loading from measurementsAu, FTK; Lou, P; Li, J; Jiang, R; Zhang, J; Leung, CCY; Lee, PKK; Lee, JH; Wong, KY; Chan, HY2011201
Overexpression of dedicator of cytokinesis I (Dock180) in ovarian cancer correlated with aggressive phenotype and poor patient survivalZhao, F; Siu, MKY; Jiang, L; Tam, KF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, OGW; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2011146
Proof-of-Principle Concept for Label-Free Detection of Glucose and α-Glucosidase Activity Through the Electrostatic Assembly of Alkynylplatinum(II) Terpyridyl ComplexesChung, YSC; Chan, HY; Yam, VWW2011109
iASPP and chemoresistance in ovarian cancers: Effects on paclitaxel-mediated mitotic catastropheJiang, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Lu, X; Lam, EWF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, ESY; Monteiro, LJ; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2011166
Overexpression of Pak1 and Pak4 contributes to endometrial carcinogenesisSiu, MKY; Kong, DSH; Chan, HY; Ngai, SYP; Jiang, L; Wong, ESY; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY201159
Implementing Integrated Body-mind-spirit Care for Frail Elderly in Nursing Home: Experience from the fieldChan, CMY; Leung, PPY; Chan, CHY; Chan, HY201171
Fetal biometry by an inexperienced operator using two- and three-dimensional ultrasoundYang, F; Leung, KY; Lee, YP; Chan, HY; Tang, MHY201076
Comparison of inter- and intraobserver agreement and reliability between three different types of placental volume measurement technique (XI VOCAL™, VOCAL™ and multiplanar) and validity in the in-vitro settingCheong, KB; Leung, KY; Li, TKT; Chan, HY; Lee, YP; Tang, MHY201050
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