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Angle Closure GlaucomaCheung, JJC; Pong, JCF; Chan, CHY; Lai, JSM2009150
Phacoemulsification Versus Combined Phacotrabeculectomy in Medically Controlled Chronic Angle Closure Glaucoma with CataractTham, CCY; Kwong, YYY; Leung, DYL; Lam, SW; Li, FCH; Chiu, TYH; Chan, JCH; Chan, CHY; Poon, ASY; Yick, DWF; Chi, CC; Lam, DSC; Lai, JSM2008139
Delayed retrobulbar haemorrhage after Ahmed glaucoma implant: A case report [1]Chan, CHY; Lai, JSM; Shen, SY200632
Hong Kong: A Social, Legal and Clinical ReviewLiu, ANC; Ng, EHY; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY200489
Regulating reproductive technology in Hong KongNg, EHY; Liu, A; Chan, CHY; Chan, CLW; Yeung, WSB; Ho, PC2003134
Gender selection in China: Its meanings and implicationsChan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Ng, EHY; Ho, PC; Chan, CHY; Au, JSK2002202
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