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Suicide rates among working-age adults in South Korea before and after the 2008 economic crisisChan, CH; Caine, ED; You, S; Fu, KW; Chang, S; Yip, PSF201425
The Educational Roles Of Primary And Secondary School Teacher-librarians In Hong KongWarning, PB; Chu, SKW; Chan, CH; Ma, HY; Wu, WY201350
The educational roles of Primary and Secondary School Teacher-librarians in Hong KongWarning, PB; Chu, SKW; Ma, HY; Chan, CH201339
Analyzing Online Sentiment to Predict Telephone Poll ResultsChan, CH201319
Lipopolysaccharide-induced toll-like receptor 4 signaling enhances the migratory ability of human esophageal cancer cells in a selectin-dependent mannerRousseau, MC; Hsu, RY; Spicer, JD; McDonald, B; Chan, CH; Perera, RM; Giannias, B; Chow, SC; Rousseau, S; Law, SYK; Ferri, LE201330
A Study of the Impact of Thirteen Celebrity Suicides on Subsequent Suicide Rates in South Korea from 2005 to 2009Fu, KW; Chan, CH201353
Factors Mediating the Relationship between Intimate Partner Violence and Chronic Pain in Chinese Women.Tiwari, AFY; Fong, DYT; Chan, CH; Ho, PC201272
Heparanase activity facilitates syndecan-1 shedding in airway inflammationWu, KLK; Chan, CH; Ip, MSM; Shum, DKY201278
Voices of donors: case reports of body donation in Hong KongChiu, HY; Ng, KS; Ma, SK; Chan, CH; Ng, SW; Tipoe, GL; Chan, LK2012181
Evaluation of three commercially available influenza A type-specific blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for seroepidemiological studies of influenza A virus infection in pigsTse, M; Kim, M; Chan, CH; Ho, PL; Ma, SK; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM201284
Multimodal periarticular injection vs continuous femoral nerve block after total knee arthroplasty: a prospective, crossover, randomized clinical trialNg, FY; Ng, JKF; Chiu, PKY; Yan, CH; Chan, CH2012146
Heparanase activity enhances MMP-7 dependent syndecan-1 shedding in the airwayWu, LK; Chan, CH; Ip, MSM; Shum, DKY201270
Respecting and Practising the Way: On Ch’ien Mu’s Upon Reading the Collected Poetry and Prose of the Ministers Who Founded the Ming DynastySoo, YC; Chan, CH2012159
Inhibitory effect of Chinese green tea on cigarette smoke-induced up-regulation of airway neutrophil elastase and matrix metalloproteinase-12 via antioxidant activityChan, KH; Chan, CH; Yeung, SC; Man, RYK; Ip, MSM; Mak, JCW201296
Lei Yuan Lun JiTse, YK; Chan, CH2011166
Use of sulfated maltoheptaose to lower neutrophilic inflammation in a rat model of cigarette smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChan, CH; Lam, CLD; Mak, JCW; Ip, MSM; Freeman, C; Shum, DKY2011150
Why Simplified Chinese Characters are not widely used in Hong Kong – An examination of their limitationsChan, CH2011113
Neutrophil elastase changes its binding partner following neutrophil degranulation in airway inflammationIp, CH; Chan, CH; Shum, DKY201172
Post-traumatic stress disorder among Chinese women survivors of intimate partner violence: A review of the literatureChan, CH; Tiwari, A; Fong, DYT; Ho, PC2010565
Serglycin in the HL-60 degranulation product retains its sulfated chondroitin/dermatan moieties and affinity for neutrophil elastaseIp, CH; Chan, CH; Shum, DKY201076
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