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Hb A2 Hong Kong - A novel δ-globin variant in a chinese family masks the diagnosis of β-thalassemia traitSo, CC; Chan, AYY; Luo, HY; Verhovsek, M; Chui, DHK; Ling, SC; Chan, LC2011193
Detection and characterisation of β-globin gene cluster deletions in Chinese using multiplex ligationdependent probe amplificationSo, CC; So, ACY; Chan, AYY; Tsang, STY; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC2009254
Double heterozygosity for Hb New York [β113 GTG→GAG; VAL→GLU] and β°-thalassemia mutations manifests as a thalassemia traitLee, ACW; Ma, ESK; Chan, AYY; Szeto, SC; Chan, LC200891
A novel beta-delta globin gene fusion, anti-Lepore Hong Kong, leads to overexpression of delta globin chain and a mild thalassaemia intermedia phenotype when co-inherited with β0-thalassaemiaSo, CC; Chan, AYY; Tsang, STY; Lee, ACW; Au, WY; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC2007109
A laboratory strategy for genotyping haemoglobin H disease in the ChineseChan, AYY; So, CC; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC2007163
Occlusion, orthodontic treatment need and demand of young Chinese adultsChu, CH; Chan, AYY; Cheung, JT; Choy, HB; Ku, CC; Lam, CSN; Lee, KK; Ng, KTY; Wan, HL; Wong, YK2006109
A novel beta-delta globin gene fusion leads to over-expression of delta globin chain and a mild thalassemia intermedia phenotype when co-inherited with beta-zero thalassemiaSo, JCC; Chan, AYY; Tsang, STY; Lee, ACW; Au, WY; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC200688
Diagnostic pitfall in PCR-based α-thalassemia genotyping resulting from a (G→C) polymorphism at nucleotide 71 3′ to the α2-globin gene termination codon [2]Chan, AYY; Luo, HY; Wang, W; Chui, DHK; Ma, ESK; Chan, LC; Chong, SS200663
Unusual rearrangement of the α-globin gene cluster containing both the -α3.7 and αααanti-4.2 crossover junctions: Clinical diagnostic implications and possible mechanismsWang, W; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Ma, ESK; Chong, SS200569
The Effect of Mild b-thalassaemia Mutations on Clinical Mainfestation of b-thalassaemia Major and Intermedia in ChineseChen, JF; Ma, ESK; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Lau, YL200499
The Effect of Mild b-Thalassaemia Mutations on Clinical Manifestation of b-Thalassaemia Major and Intermedia in ChineseChen, JF; Ma, ESK; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Lau, YL2004121
MS analysis of single-nucleotide differences in circulating nucleic acids: Application to noninvasive prenatal diagnosisDing, C; Chiu, RWK; Lau, TK; Leung, TN; Chan, LC; Chan, AYY; Charoenkwan, P; Ng, ISL; Law, HY; Ma, ESK; Xu, X; Wanapirak, C; Sanguansermsri, T; Liao, C; Tan Jin Ai, MA; Chui, DHK; Cantor, CR; Lo, YMD2004234
Clinical phenotype of haemoglobin Q-H diseaseLeung, KFS; Ma, ESK; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC2004302
Single-tube multiplex-PCR screen for anti-3.7 and anti-4.2 α-globin gene triplicationsWang, W; Ma, ESK; Chan, AYY; Prior, J; Erber, WN; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK; Chong, SS200370
Transferrin receptor-2 polymorphisms and iron overload in transfusion-independent β-thalassemia intermediaMa, ESK; Lam, KKY; Chan, AYY; Ha, SY; Au, WY; Chan, LC200392
Low affinity and unstable hemoglobin variant caused by AAC→ATC (Asn→Ile) mutation at codon 108 of the β-globin gene [3]Ma, ESK; Chow, EYD; Chan, AYY; Chu, CM; Lin, SY; Chan, LC200270
Detection of a small novel deletion in the α-globin gene and type II -α 3.7 deletion by heteroduplex formationChan, AYY; ShiuKwan, E; Au, WY; Chow, EYD; Chan, LC200261
Routine screening of (--SEA) α-thalassemia deletion by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for embryonic ζ-globin chainsMa, SK; Ma, V; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Chui, DHK2002113
The ( - SEA) α-thalassemia (SEA) deletion ameliorates the clinical phenotype of β0/β+ but not necessarily that of β0/β0 thalassemiaMa, ESK; Chan, AYY; Sau, YH; Chan, GCF; Wing, YA; Li, CC2002123
Hb Kodaira II: a high oxygen affinity variant with a novel mutation in the β-globin gene and phenotypic identity to Hb KodairaSo, CC; Ma, SK; Law, KM; Chan, AYY; Chan, LC; Wong, KF200270
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