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The Effectiveness Of An Educational Intervention On Level Of Pain, Anxiety And Self Efficacy For Patients With Musculoskeletal TraumaWong, EML; Chan, SWC; Chair, SY2010154
The Effectiveness Of An Educational Intervention On Pain Belief, Pain And Self Efficacy Of Pain Management Of Patients With Fracture LimbWong, EML; Chan, S; Chair, SY200987
Nurses’ Experience Of Pain Management And Its Barriers For Patients Undergoing Orthopaedic Surgery.Wong, EML; Chan, SWC; Chair, SY200976
The Effectiveness Of An Educational Intervention On Pain Belief And Post-operative Pain Relief For Chinese Patients With Musculoskeletal Trauma .Wong, EML; Chan, S; Chair, SY2009103
Risk Factors Of Hong Kong Chinese Patients With Coronary Heart DiseaseChair, SY; Lee, SF; Lopez, V; Wong, EML200796
Changing patients' position in bed after non-emgerency coronary angiography reduced back painChair, SY; Taylor-Piliae, RE; Lam, G; Chan, SSC2004123
Effect of positioning on back pain after coronary angiographyChair, SY; TaylorPiliae, RE; Lam, G; Chan, S2003223
The effect of positioning on back discomfort experienced by Chinese patients after coronary angiographyChair, SY; Chan, SSC200171
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