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Randomized comparison between pulmonary vein antral isolation versus complex fractionated electrogram ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillationChen, M; Yang, B; Chen, H; Ju, W; Zhang, F; Tse, HF; Cao, K2011289
Long-term clinical implication of the occurrence of dissociated pulmonary vein activities after circumferential left atrial ablation in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.Chen, H; Yang, B; Ju, W; Zhang, F; Hou, X; Chen, C; Zhai, L; Wang, J; Cao, K; Chen, M; Tse, HF2010162
Genomic analyses reveal global functional alterations that promote tumor growth and novel tumor suppressor genes in natural killer-cell malignanciesIqbal, J; Kucuk, C; deLeeuw, RJ; Srivastava, G; Tam, W; Geng, H; Klinkebiel, D; Christman, JK; Patel, K; Cao, K; Shen, L; Dybkaer, K; Tsui, IFL; Ali, H; Shimizu, N; Au, WY; Lam, WL; Chan, WC2009205
Electrocardiographic algorithm to identify the optimal target ablation site for idiopathic right ventricular outflow tract ventricular premature contractionZhang, F; Chen, M; Yang, B; Ju, W; Chen, H; Yu, J; Lau, CP; Cao, K; Tse, HF200986
Initial clinical experience of remote magnetic navigation system for catheter mapping and ablation of supraventricular tachycardiasXu, D; Yang, B; Shan, Q; Zou, J; Chen, M; Chen, C; Hou, X; Zhang, F; Li, WQ; Cao, K; Tse, HF2009110
The HRQoL measured by SF-12 in Hong Kong Chinese Middle Aged Women with Kidney Deficiency SyndromeChen, RQ; Lam, CLK; Wong, CM; Cao, K; Lam, TH200884
The Development Of A Questionnaire For Diagnostic Evaluation Of Kidney-Yin Deficiency And Kidney-Yang DeficiencyChen, RQ; Wong, CM; Cao, K; Lam, TH200880
The measurement properties of a Kidney Deficiency Syndrome (KDS) questionnaire in Hong Kong Chinese midlife womenChen, RQ; Wong, CM; Cao, K; Lam, TH200772
The measurement properties of a kidney deficiency syndrome questionnaire in Hong Kong Chinese midlife women (abstract and oral presentation)Chen, RQ; Wong, CM; Cao, K; Lam, TH200764
Peripheral NK Cells Play a Complementary Role for Anti-tumor Immunity in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients.Cao, K; Zheng, Y; Ng, SP; Chua, DTT; Sham, JST; Kwong, DLW; Ng, MH; Zheng, B2005102
An analysis for the pathogenic structure of Kidney-deficiency syndrome in clinical settingChen, RQ; Lam, TH; Cao, K; Wong, CM; Tong, Y2005100
An exploration for the scientific nature of the theory of Chinese medicine: An analysis to Kidney-deficiency syndromeChen, RQ; Lam, TH; Cao, K; Wong, CM; Tong, Y200598
A novel polynuclear palladium(II) complex with asymmetric coordination of palladium atomsCao, K; Su, W; Hong, M; Zhang, W; Wong, WT; Lu, J1998106
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