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Heterotopic bone formation around vessels: pilot study of a new animal modelCai, W; Zheng, L; Weber, FE; LI, C; Ma, L; Ehrbar,; Zwahlen, RA201331
Supplementation with probiotics modifies gut flora and attenuates liver fat accumulation in rat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease modelXu, RY; Wan, YP; Fang, QY; Lu, W; Cai, W201263
Bootstrap methods for lasso-type estimators under a moving-parameter frameworkCai, W; Lee, SMS201260
Bootstrap methods for Lasso-type regression estimatorsCai, W; Lee, SMS201271
Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Grid Computing and Applications, GCA'05: ForewordArabnia, HR; Baetke, F; Cai, FY; Cai, W; Casavant, TL; Chen, L; Demaria, J; Deng, Q; Elbert, S; Frohner, A; Gagliardi, F; He, T; Hinke, TH; Ho, RSC; Hunsaker, J; Jo, GS; Kacsuk, P; Knosp, B; Kunszt, P; Lau, F; Leiwo, J; Li, M; Liu, X; Lu, J; Ni, J; Pan, Y; Quarta, G; Sato, M; Schiffmann, W; Sun, Y; Tong, W; Wang, S; Wu, E; Yang, LT; Zhao, W; Zheng, Y; Zhou, M; Zhou, W200592
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