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English in China: A preliminary bibliographyAdamson, B; Bolton, KR; Lam, ASL; Tong, QS2002118
Introduction: Interdisciplinary perspectives on English in China'Bolton, KR; Tong, QS200292
World EnglishesBolton, KR; Tong, QS2002127
Triads and Pigs: Comics and Vernacular Culture in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM; Mok, C200285
Media Mythologies: The Case of Triad LanguageBolton, KR; Hutton, CM200182
Interventions - Special Issue on 'Linguistics and Orientalism'Bolton, KR; Hutton, CM200093
Western Writings on Chinese Secret Societies and 'Triads'Bolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000118
(ed.) Triad Societies: Western Accounts of the History, Sociology, and Linguistics of Chinese Secret SocietiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000130
Orientalism, Linguistics and Postcolonial StudiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000154
Linguistics in Cross-Cultural Communication: From the Chinese Repository to the 'Chinese EmersonBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1999158
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1999147
Bad Boys and Bad Language: chou hau and the sociolinguistics of swearing in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1998314
Charting multilingualism: language censuses and language surveys in Hong KongBacon-Shone, JH; Bolton, KR1998258
Media mythologies: the case of triad languageBolton, KR; Hutton, CM199682
Hong Kong comic books, the 1950's to the 1990'sBolton, KR; Hutton, CM; Mok, CKL199693
The speech act offence: claiming and professing membership of a triad society in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM; Ip, PPF1996120
Colonial officials and the linguistics of triad societiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM199674
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1996122
Bad and banned language: triad secret societies, the censorship of the Cantonese vernacular, and colonial language policy in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM19951,138
Bad boys and bad language: the sociolinguistics of swearwords in Hong Kong CantoneseBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1994158
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