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Effect of physical restraint reduction on older patients' hospital length of stayKwok, T; Bai, X; Chui, MYP; Lai, CKY; Ho, DWH; Ho, FKY; Woo, J2012182
Effectiveness of cognitive training on improving cognitive abilities of Chinese older people with memory complaint: A randomized placebo-controlled trialKwok, T.; Bai, X; Li, J.; Ho, F.; Lee, TMC2012103
Validation of self-image of aging scale for chinese eldersBai, X; Chan, K; Chow, N2012112
Patients as volunteers: the paradox of participation in patient's self-helpChan, C; Bai, X; Law, B; Chien, EMH201223
Modernization and its impact on Chinese older people’s perception of their own image and statusChow, N; Bai, X2011136
How is the self-image formed and enhanced among older Chinese people: through assimilation or contrast?Bai, X; Chow, NWS201161
Determinants of job satisfaction of foreign domestic helpers caring for demented people in Hong KongBai, X; Kwok, T; Chan, N; Ho, F201188
The effects of sociodemographic characteristics on Chinese elders’ perception of the image of ageingChow, N; Bai, X2011130
The impact of modernization and globalization on the perception of the Chinese elderly towards their image and statusBai, X; Chow, NWS2011399
Cognitive effects of calligraphy therapy for older people: a randomized controlled trial in Hong KongKwok, TCY; Bai, X; Kao, HSR; Li, JCY; Ho, FKY201189
Message from the ICASE 2011 organizersPark, JH; Hwang, SM; Tse, TH; Yeo, SS; Ahamed, SI; Bai, X201175
Regeneration of functional sweat gland-like structures by transplanted differentiated bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsSheng, Z; Fu, X; Cai, S; Lei, Y; Sun, T; Bai, X; Chen, M2009134
COOH-terminal truncated HBV X protein plays key role in hepatocarcinogenesisNingFang, M; Lau, SH; Hu, L; Xie, D; Wu, J; Yang, J; Wang, Y; Wu, MC; Fung, J; Bai, X; Tzang, CH; Fu, L; Yang, M; Su, YA; Guan, XY2008279
Characteristics of water isotopes and hydrograph separation during the wet season in the Heishui River, ChinaLiu, Y; Fan, N; An, S; Bai, X; Liu, F; Xu, Z; Wang, Z; Liu, S2008219
A unified approach for processing unbalanced conditions in transient stability calculationsBai, X; Jiang, T; Guo, Z; Yan, Z; Ni, Y2006456
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