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The DIAFOOT project: improved survival of diabetic foot patients begins with increased awarenessChammas, NK; Shao, E; Stacey, C; Bell, A; Wilson, S; Ahmed, K; Hui, YLE; Howe, C; Ramhamadany, E201330
Surgical reconstruction of attempted suicide charcoal burnsBurd, A; Ahmed, K; Noronha, FV; Chan, JYW; Pang, PCW200681
Decompression not escharotomy in acute burnsBurd, A; Noronha, FV; Ahmed, K; Chan, JYW; Ayyappan, T; Ying, SY; Pang, P200679
Stabilization of PML nuclear localization by conjugation and oligomerization of SUMO-3Fu, C; Ahmed, K; Ding, H; Ding, X; Lan, J; Yang, Z; Miao, Y; Zhu, Y; Shi, Y; Zhu, J; Huang, H; Yao, X2005139
Human Yip1A specifies the localization of Yif1 to the Golgi apparatusJin, C; Zhang, Y; Zhu, H; Ahmed, K; Fu, C; Yao, X2005136
Nek2A kinase regulates the localization of numatrin to centrosome in mitosisYao, J; Fu, C; Ding, X; Guo, Z; Zenreski, A; Chen, Y; Ahmed, K; Liao, J; Dou, Z; Yao, X200488
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