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Photoluminescent properties and crystal structure of a metal-perturbed donor-acceptor acetylene complexHong, X; Yip, HK; Cheung, KK; Che, CM199362
Photophysical properties and X-ray crystal structure of a luminescent platinum(II) dimer [Pt2(2,2′: 6′,2″-terpyridine) 2(Gua)](CIO4)3·H2O (Gua = guanidine anion)Yip, HK; Che, CM; Zhou, ZY; Mak, TCW199258
Spectroscopy, photoredox properties and X-ray crystal structures of triangular gold(I) and silver(I) phosphine complexesChe, CM; Yip, HK; Yam, VWW; Cheung, PY; Lai, TF; Shieh, SJ; Peng, SM199258
Metal-metal interaction in polynuclear silver(I) complexes: Spectroscopy, luminescent properties and X-ray crystal structure of [Ag3(dppp) 2(MeCN)2(ClO4)2]+ [dppp = bis(diphenylphosphinophenylphosphine)]Che, CM; Yip, HK; Li, D; Peng, SM; Lee, GH; Wang, YM; Liu, ST199153
Metal-metal interaction in a binuclear palladium(II) system. The (dσ* → pσ) transition and the X-ray crystal structure of [Pd2(dppm)2(CN)4] [dppm = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane]Yip, HK; Lai, TF; Che, CM199152
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