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Factors affecting flux performance of forward osmosis systemsLay, WCL; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Fane, AG201241
Preparation of supported lipid membranes for aquaporin Z incorporationLi, X; Wang, R; Tang, C; Vararattanavech, A; Zhao, Y; Torres, J; Fane, T201227
One-pot solvothermal synthesis of Pd/Fe3O4 nanocomposite and its magnetically recyclable and efficient catalysis for Suzuki reactionsLi, S; Zhang, W; So, MH; Che, CM; Wang, R; Chen, R2012145
日本boy's love漫画深受台湾女性粉丝欢迎之初探Wong, HW; Yau, HY; Wang, R2012114
Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes for pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) process with high power densityChou, S; Wang, R; Shi, L; She, Q; Tang, C; Fane, AG201243
Analysis of Salt Accumulation in a Forward Osmosis SystemLay, WCL; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Fane, AG201251
Membrane biofouling and scaling in forward osmosis membrane bioreactorZhang, J; Loong, WLC; Chou, S; Tang, C; Wang, R; Fane, AG201232
Combined organic-inorganic fouling of forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesArkhangelsky, E; Wicaksana, F; Tang, C; AlRabiah, AA; AlZahrani, SM; Wang, R201225
Spatial proximity between subventricular zone and glioma in human patientsWang, R; Ma, J; Yu, B; Wu, EX; Yang, J201282
On the optimal dividend strategy in a regime-switching diffusion modelWei, J; Wang, R; Yang, H201235
Optimal surrender strategies for equity-indexed annuity investors with partial informationWei, J; Wang, R; Yang, H201276
Population shift between the open and closed states changes the water permeability of an aquaporin Z mutantXin, L; HélixNielsen, C; Su, H; Torres, J; Tang, C; Wang, R; Fane, AG; Mu, Y201237
S-allylmercaptocysteine effectively inhibits the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells under in vitro and in vivo conditionsLiang, D; Qin, Y; Zhao, W; Zhai, X; Guo, Z; Wang, R; Tong, L; Lin, L; Chen, H; Wong, YC; Zhong, Z2011143
Effect of substrate structure on the performance of thin-film composite forward osmosis hollow fiber membranesShi, L; Chou, SR; Wang, R; Fang, WX; Tang, CY; Fane, AG201126
Optimal threshold dividend strategies under the compound poisson model with regime switchingWei, J; Yang, H; Wang, R2011130
Locally risk-minimizing hedging strategies for unit-linked life insurance contracts under a regime switching Lévy modelQian, L; Yang, H; Wang, R201185
Study of integration of forward osmosis and biological process: Membrane performance under elevated salt environmentLay, WCL; Zhang, Q; Zhang, J; Mcdougald, D; Tang, C; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Fane, AG201119
Synthesis and characterization of flat-sheet thin film composite forward osmosis membranesWei, J; Qiu, C; Tang, CY; Wang, R; Fane, AG201142
Differential domain analysis for non-uniform samplingWei, LY; Wang, R201197
Modeling salt accumulation in osmotic membrane bioreactors: Implications for FO membrane selection and system operationXiao, D; Tang, CY; Zhang, J; Lay, WCL; Wang, R; Fane, AG201125
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