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Potent neutralization of Hendra and Nipah viruses by human monoclonal antibodiesZhu, Z; Dimitrov, AS; Bossart, KN; Crameri, G; Bishop, KA; Choudhry, V; Mungall, BA; Feng, YR; Choudhary, A; Zhang, MY; Feng, Y; Wang, LF; Xiao, X; Eaton, BT; Broder, CC; Dimitrov, DS200698
内外中药标準化与香港中药标準化之策略Tong, Y; Feng, Y2006118
Study on the anti proliferative effect and its mechanism of berberine in various cancer cell lines.Lau, EPW; Tsao, GSW; Tong, Y; Feng, Y200699
The Protective effects of chlorgenic acid on damaging of intestinal cosal microvascular endothelial cells caused by lipopolysaccharide.Ye, X; Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Zhang, XD200682
DNA Microarray to Authenticate Medicinal Dendrobium SpeciesZhang, Y; Sze, CW; Feng, Y; Tong, Y; But, PPH; Shaw, PC200584
論香港的中葯標準化Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Tang, J; Zhu, S2005101
Research of Chinese Compound Formula Based on Quality standardization. Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and People’s HealthFeng, Y; Tong, Y; Tang, J; Ye, XC200577
Significance and Strategies of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica StandardizationTong, Y; Feng, Y; Tang, J; Zhu, SQ200564
质量标准化基础上的中复方研究Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Tang, J; Ye, X2005174
A comparative study on three species of Radix et Rhizoma RheiTang, J; Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Jia, R; Yap, MML; Man, RYK200568
The Role and Prospect of Chinese Medicine on Prevent and Cure of Drug Abuse in Hong KongFeng, Y; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y200575
中藥標準化與中醫藥學教育、科研Feng, Y; Tong, Y; Zhu, S2004191
InGaAs/InGaAsP diffused quantum wells optical amplifiers and modulatorsChoy, WCH; He, JJ; Li, M; Feng, Y; Koteles, ES200165
Stress-strain behaviour of a loosely compacted volcanic-derived soil and its significance to rainfall-induced fill slope failuresDai, F; Lee, CF; Wang, S; Feng, Y1999126
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