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The Roles of CHOP and GADD34 in the Adaptation of Hypertrophic Chondrocytes to ER StressWang, C; Tsang, KY; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE2009137
Decellularization of chondrocyte-encapsulated collagen microspheres – A 3D model to study effects of acellular matrix on stem cell fateCheng, HW; Tsui, YK; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009126
Isolation and characterization of cell subpopulation with stem cell properties in human and monkey intervertebral disc (ivd)Huang, SS; Cheung, KMC; Long, D; Lin, HG; Luk, DK; Chan, D; Zhou, GQ2009140
A histological grading system for evaluating disc degeneration in the mouseYang, F; Leung, YL; Chan, D; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC2009234
Three dimensional culture and embryoid body-free chondrogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells in collagen microspheresYeung, CW; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Chan, BP2009237
Three dimensional culture and chondrogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cellsYeung, CW; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009119
Principles of Developmental GeneticsCheung, MCH; Chan, D2008134
Correlation between the Compressive Macro-mechanical Properties of the Human Nucleus Pulposus and the Nano Structure of its Individual Collagen FibrilsAladin Kaderbatcha, DM; Lu, WW; Cheung, KMC; Ngan, A.H.K; Chan, D; Luk, KDK200890
Both HIF-1aand HIF-2aare Present in Prenatal and Postnatal Nucleus.Tam, WK; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Leong, VYL; Luk, KDK; Zhou, G.Q200888
Family-base linkage and case control association studiesHo, DWH; Chan, D; Cheung, KMC; Sham, PC; Song, Y2008147
Book And Media Reviews title: Principles Of Developmental GeneticsCheung, MCH; Chan, D2008140
Use of tandem mass spectrometry as a tool for proteomics studies in aging and degeneration processes of the intervertebral discYee, AFY; Melhado, IG; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D; Cheung, KMC2008112
Linkage analysis on familial early-onset degenerative disc disease. World Forum for Spine Research.Ho, DWH; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Karppinen, J; Yip, S.P; Ott, J; Luk, KDK; Leong, JCY; Cheah, KSE; Sham, PC; Song, Y2008125
Dynamic Changes of Type II Collagen in the Degenerated Murine Discs.Yang, F; Chan, D; Leung, YL; Lu, WW; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC200873
A Novel Non-invasive Role of Heparanase: Promotion of Cartilage Matrix MineralizationYeung, MN; Zhou, Z; Chan, D; Shum, DKY200884
Interveretebral disc cryopreservationChan, CW; Leung, YL; Lu, WW; Chan, D; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC200894
Linkage analysis with subsequent fine-mapping on familial early onset-degenerative disc disease.Ho, DWH; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Karppinen, J; Sham, PC; Song, Y2008122
Molecular Basis for Gerodermia Osteodysplastica, a Prematured Aging DisorderChan, WL; Mundlos, S; Kamak, U; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D200888
Periostin interacts with sclerostin and inhibits its antagonistic effect on Wnt signallingChan, CSL; Leung, CM; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Tanner, JA200896
Cell Repopulation of the Frozen Intervertebral Disc by Bone Marrow-derived Stromal Cells.Chan, CW; Gantenbein, B; Leong, VYL; Chan, D; Lu, WW; Luk, KDK; Cheung, KMC; Ito, K200871
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