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The role of central and peripheral vision in expert decision-making.RYU, D; Abernethy, AB; Mann, DL; Poolton, JM; Gorman, AD201339
But I can't pass that far! The influence of motor skill on decision makingBruce, L; Farrow, D; Raynor, A; Mann, D2012151
Biomechanics and visual-motor control: How it has, is, and will be used to reveal the secrets of hitting a cricket ballSarpeshkar, V; Mann, DL2011101
Visual information underpinning skilled anticipation: The effect of blur on a coupled and uncoupled in situ anticipatory responseMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010138
An event-related visual occlusion method for examining anticipatory skill in natural interceptive tasksMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D; Davis, M; Spratford, W2010120
Action specificity increases anticipatory performance and the expert advantage in natural interceptive tasksMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010138
The resilience of natural interceptive actions to refractive blurMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010102
A novel training tool for batters to watch the ballMann, D; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D201091
A visual manipulation used to examine the neural processing underpinning skilled interceptive movementsMann, DL; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D2010163
The influence of viewing perspective on decision-making and visual search behaviour in an invasive sportMann, DL; Farrow, D; Shuttleworth, R; Hopwood, M2009138
Dual pathways or dueling pathways for visual anticipation? A Response to van der Kamp, Rivas, van Doom & Savelsbergh (2007)Abernethy, B; Mann, D200874
Is optimal vision required for the successful execution of an interceptive task?Mann, DL; Ho, NY; De Souza, NJ; Watson, DR; Taylor, SJ200780
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