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Effect of Surface Treatment on Shear Bond Strength of Zirconia to Human DentinChai, J; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW201182
Imaging modalities for preoperative assessment in dental implant therapy: an overviewSiu, ASC; Chu, FCS; Li, TKL; Chow, TW; Deng, F2010285
Master Clinician - Clinical considerations in managing severe dental discoloration with porcelain veneersChu, FCS200998
Prevalence of malnutrition and its risk factors in stroke patients residing in an infirmaryChai, JYC; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW; Shum, NC2008111
Oral health status of low-income, middle-aged to elderly Hong Kong Chinese with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Leung, WK; Siu, SC; Chu, FC; Wong, KW; Jin, L; Sham, AS; Tsang, CS; Samaranayake, LP2008133
Shear bond strength between nickel-chromium and human dentine using a dual-cure, self-adhesive universal resin luting agentChai, J; Chu, FC; Chow, TW; Liang, BM200885
Modified mandibular complete denture as an interim implant-supported, cement-retained prosthesis: A clinical techniqueWat, PYP; Chow, JKF; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW2007116
The use of immediate implant placement for the replacement of a periodontally involved malaligned lateral incisor: A clinical reportChu, FCS; Deng, FL; Siu, ASC; Chow, TW2007108
Contrast ratios and masking ability of three types of ceramic veneersChu, FCS; Chow, TW; Chai, J2007139
Phospholipase, proteinase and haemolytic activities of Candida albicans isolated from oral cavities of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusTsang, CSP; Chu, FCS; Leung, WK; Jin, LJ; Samaranayake, LP; Siu, SC2007301
Chemical solubility and flexural strength of zirconia-based ceramicsChai, J; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW; Liang, BMH2007159
Comparison of the retentive characteristics of cobalt-chromium and commercially pure titanium clasps using a novel methodTse, ETP; Cheng, LYY; Luk, HWK; Chu, FCS; Chai, J; Chow, TW2006163
Identification of cultivable microorganisms from root canals with apical periodontitis following two-visit endodontic treatment with antibiotics/steroid or calcium hydroxide dressingsChu, FCS; Leung, WK; Tsang, PCS; Chow, TW; Samaranayake, LP2006184
Influence of dental status on nutritional status of geriatric patients in a convalescent and rehabilitation hospitalChai, J; Chu, FCS; Chow, TW; Shum, NC; Hui, WWH2006133
PhD thesis: A clinical, microbiological and radiological study of primary endodontic infectionsChu, FCS200583
Restorative management of the worn dentitionChu, FCS; Chow, TW; Newsome, PRH; Smales, RJ2005100
Retrospective survival analysis of 3-unit fixed-fixed and 2-unit cantilever fixed partial denturesChai, JYC; Chu, FCS; Newsome, PRH; Chow, TW2005103
Effect of original water content in acrylic resin on processing shrinkageChow, TW; Cheng, LYY; Wong, AWY; Chu, FCS; Chai, J2005127
A 5-year prospective study on small diameter screw-shaped oral implantsComfort, MB; Chu, FCS; Chai, J; Wat, PYP; Chow, TW2005151
Identification of cultivable microorganisms from primary endodontic infections with exposed and unexposed pulp spaceChu, FCS; Tsang, CSP; Chow, TW; Samaranayake, LP2005183
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