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The development of bio-mimetic materials for tissue reconstruction through the systematic study of cell-matrix interactionsTong, Wing-yin, Tommy.; 湯永賢.201354
Development of molecular approaches for the identification and characterization of oral treponeme bacteriaMo, Sisu.; 莫思溯.2011120
Mesenchymal stem cell-encapsulated collagen microspheres for bone tissue engineeringChan, BP; Hui, TY; Wong, MY; Yip, KHK; Chan, GCF2010344
Actions of chlorhexidine and silver diamine fluoride on cariogenic biofilm and root cariesMei, Lei; 梅蕾2010457
Characterisation the interaction of multi-species cariogenic biofilm on artificial dentin caries lesionMei, L; Yip, HK; Seneviratne, CJ; Chu, CH; Lo, ECM2009173
Effects of silver diamine fluoride on mono-species cariogenic biofilmsChu, CH; Mei, L; Lo, ECM; Seneviratne, CJ; Yip, HK2009480
Self-assembled osteoinductive bone-like microparticlesWong, MY; Hui, TY; Yip, HK; Chan, GCF; Chan, BP2009158
In vitro study of dentine tubule occlusion after fluoride iontophoresis.Chen, L-J; Chen, YM; Guang, H-B; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK200898
Characterization of biofilm and lesion on human root surfaceMei, L; Fang, HH; Yip, HK; Jin, LJ; Yu, D2008176
Adaptive response of hMSC-derived osteoprogenitors to LPS enriched environmentYip, HK; Mo, FY; Law, HKW; Lau, YL; Chan, GCF2008146
Effect of two fiber post types and two luting cement systems on regional post retention using the push-out testWang, VJJ; Chen, YM; Yip, KHK; Smales, RJ; Meng, QF; Chen, L2008111
Fracture resistance and microtensile bond strength of maxillary premolars restored with two resin composite inlay systemsSun, YS; Chen, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, KHK2008120
The use of chlorhexidine in reducing the cariogenicity of oral microbial biofilm with caries free and high risk of caries.Mei, L; Fang, HHP; Zhang, T; Jin, LJ; Yip, HK2008218
Translucency and biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChen, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, KHK; Sung, WJ2008168
Transluency of biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChan, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK; Sung, WK2008150
Prolonged exposure to bacterial toxins downregulated expression of toll-like receptors in mesenchymal stromal cell-derived osteoprogenitorsMo, IFY; Yip, KHK; Chan, WK; Law, HKW; Lau, YL; Chan, GCF2008214
Dietary behaviour and dental erosion symptoms of Hong Kong peopleChu, CH; Pang, KL; Yip, HK2008173
Incipient caries lesions on cementum by mono- and co-culture oral biofilmsYip, HK; Guo, J; Wong, WS200785
Incipient caries lesions on cementum by mono- and co-culture oral bacteriaYip, HK; Guo, JH; Wong, WHS200799
Packable and conventional resin-based composites restoring posterior teeth: SEM evaluation of margins after 3.5 years.Smales, RJ; Poon, ECM; Yip, HK; Ngo, HC2007105
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