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In Defence of Warlords25
Comment on Jeff McMahan's "Killing in War"105
Legitimate authority and humanitarian intervention48
Against a 'Combined Liability-Lesser-Evil Justification'44
Torture — The Case for Dirty Harry and against Alan Dershowitz188
Just Cause and the Continuous Application of Jus Ad Bellum74
Do All Persons Have Equal Moral Worth? On 'Basic Equality' and Equal Respect and Concern97
When may soldiers participate in war?67
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Helen Frowe’s ‘Practical Account of Self-Defence’: A Critique29
Renzo's Attempt to Ground State Legitimacy on a Right to Self-Defence, and the Uselessness of Political Obligation69
Why 'We' Are Not Harming the Global Poor: A Critique of Pogge’s Leap from State to Individual Responsibility34
On the Ethics of War and Terrorism118
Doing Away with “Legitimate Authority”28
Torture can be self-defense: a critique of Whitley Kaufman97
Benbaji on killing in war and 'the war convention'191
Rodin on self-defense and the 'myth' of national self-defense: a refutation50
Why Objectivist Theories of Justification Are Mistaken: The examples of Self-Defense and Just War94
Trampling over the rights of innocents: why anti-torture absolutism is illiberal, un-kantian, and inhumane42
When Is Killing in War Morally Permissible?48
What Is Self-Defense?36
Über die unüberwundenen Begründungsdefizite der „Kritischen Theorie“ – Von Habermas zu Forst74
In defence of warlords102
The ethics and use of remote controlled systems24
On why there are only unjustified wars and on why one can sometimes justifiably participate in them118
Just Cause and ‘Right Intention'74
Rights, Liability, and the Moral Equality of Combatants150
Truth vs. Rorty24
The Liability of Justified Attackers59
Bennett, intention and the DDE – The sophisticated bomber as pseudo-problem82
The uselessness of Rawls's 'Ideal Theory'66
On the Ethics of Torture90
Right Intention: A Reply to Janzen, Purves, and Jenkins36
Is There a Duty to Militarily Intervene to Stop a Genocide?95
Against Pogge’s 'Cosmopolitanism'102
Border Coercion and ‘Democratic Legitimacy’: On Abizadeh’s Argument Against Current Regimes of Border Control71
On the concept, function, scope, and evaluation of justification(s)36
Why We Shouldn’t Reject Conflicts: A Critique of Tadros46
What Are Mercenaries?110
Yet another revised DDE? A note on David K. Chan's DDEd93
Self-Defense, Justifying Emergency, and War25
Unsavory implications of a theory of justice and the law of peoples: The denial of human rights and the justification of slavery176
Proportionality in Self-Defense54
Rodin on Self-Defense and the "Myth" of National Self-Defense: A Refutation44
Legalizing defensive torture184
Killing civilians130
The Secret to the Success of the Doctrine of Double Effect (and Related Principles): Biased Framing, Inadequate Methodology, and Clever Distractions67
Forst’s Right to Justification: A Critical Comment29
Civilians and Soldiers151
War, Victory, and Prospects of Success32
The Ethics of War and the Force of Law: A Modern Just War Theory31
Defusing the ticking social bomb argument: the right to self-defensive torture198
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The Guerrilla Strikes Back: A Comment on Yvonne Chiu133
Wild Goose Chase: Still No Rationales for the Doctrine of Double Effect and Related Principles58
Why 'we' are not harming the global poor: a critique of Pogge’s leap from State to individual responsibility126
Is there a duty to militarily intervene to stop a genocide?50
Against equal respect and concern, equal rights, and egalitarian impartiality90
On the errors of revisionism66
The Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas: A Critical Introduction138
A Critique of Pogge's Claim That 'We' are Harming the Global Poor92
Justifying Defense Against Non-Responsible Threats and Justified Aggressors: the Liability vs. the Rights-Infringement Account65
Killing Them Safely: Extreme Asymmetry and its Discontents84
The uselessness of Rawls's "Ideal Theory"49
Self-defense, Necessity, and Punishment: A Philosophical Analysis26
Some Problems Concerning Torture: Moral Justification, Legal Institutionalization and Retribution85
Against National Responsibility40
The Misleading Self-Defense Paradigm for the Justification of Harming in War66
In Defense of Warlords112
Ordinary Morality, Law, and War: On the Errors of 'Revisionism'77
Self-Defense as Claim Right, Liberty, and Act-Specific Agent-Relative Prerogative78
The indispensable mental element of justification and the failure of purely objectivist (mostly “revisionist”) just war theories26
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