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Development of a reliability course for emerging circuits and systems55
Binomial American option pricing on CPU-GPU hetergenous system45
GPU-accelerated non-linear analog and mixed-signal circuit transient simulation39
SIM-DSP: A DSP-Enhanced CAD Platform for Signal Integrity Macromodeling and Simulation35
Simple computational method of predicting electrical characteristics in solar cells78
A common subexpression sharing approach for multiplierless synthesis of multiple constant multiplications31
Efficient complex continuous-time IIR filter design via generalized vector fitting173
Ultra wideband antennas: past and present255
A Fault-tolerant 32 nm CMOS Double Sideband Amplitude Suppressed Carrier Modulator-Demodulator Circuit Implementation44
Using Log Data to Evaluate MOOC Engagement and Inform Instructional Design78
DATICS-2010: Welcome message from workshop organizers: FutureTech 201069
Assuring system reliability in wireless sensor networks via verification and validation60
Novel 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in noise removal120
Low-cost global MPPT scheme for photovoltaic systems under partially shaded conditions46
Designing A Collaborative Problem-Solving Activity to Prepare Students for Flipped Classroom33
Teaching Internet of Things: Enhancing Learning Efficiency via Full-Semester Flipped Classroom116
Applying Instructional Design in Engineering Education and Industrial Training: An Integrative Review41
Energy Harvesting in Internet of Things84
Design of 2D linear-phase IIR filters via schur decomposition and discrete-time vector fitting210
HR approximation of FIR filters via discrete-time hybrid-domain vector fitting184
Advancing MOOC and SPOC development via a learner decision journey analytic framework157
Using Coh-Metrix to Analyse Writing Skills of Students: A Case Study in a Technological Common Core Curriculum Course50
Multiplierless synthesis of multiple constant multiplications using common subexpression sharing with genetic algorithm154
Evaluation of Developing Educational Chatbots Based on the Seven Principles for Good Teaching78
Learners’ engagement with different types of MOOC videos56
Building a smart laboratory environment at a university via a cyber-physical system72
Engage Your Students Before Class: More Pre-Class Engagement for More Effective Flipped Classrooms36
Evaluating the adoption of a badge system based on seven principles of effective teaching97
Utility-Oriented Placement of Actuator Nodes with a Collaborative Serving Scheme for Facilitated Business and Working Environments53
Text and content based image retrieval via locality sensitive hashing48
Improving Teaching and Learning of Common Core Courses through Learning Management Systems and Learning Analytics83
A common subexpression sharing approach for multiplierless synthesis of multiple constant multiplications98
Optimal common sub-expression elimination algorithm of multiple constant multiplications with a logic depth constraint125
LUOPAN: Light Utility-Oriented Placement of Actuator Nodes in Sensor/Actuator Networks62
Wearable textile substrate patch antennas36
Multiplierless polynomial-operator-based IIR filters for efficient VLSI implementation152
VISA: Versatile impulse structure approximation for time-domain linear macromodeling175
Efficient linear macromodeling via discrete-time time-domain vector fitting216
Evaluation of a Lightweight Learning Analytics Tool in Moodle and edX: Preliminary Results20
Automated MOOC/SPOC Learning Design Verification based on Instructional Design Theories83
A concurrent error detection based fault-tolerant 32 nm XOR-XNOR circuit implementation31
Responsive Remote Teaching Capacity Building in Hong Kong During COVID-1917
Improving power-conversion efficiency via a hybrid MPPT approach for photovoltaic systems78
On Vector Fitting methods in signal/power integrity applications108
A WSN approach to unmanned aerial surveillance of traffic anomalies: Some challenges and potential solutions94
Integration of a wireless sensor network project for introductory circuits and systems teaching43
IJDATICS strategic plan92
Digital IIR filter design for communication systems by discrete-time vector fitting198
Evaluation of a lightweight learning analytics tool in Moodle and edX: Preliminary results17
Sharing Experiences of Teaching and Learning During COVID-19: Building Responsive and Resilient Curriculum for the Next Normal14
An Outcome-based Dashboard for Moodle and Open edX160
Novel 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in noise removal22
State-of-charge for battery management system via Kalman filter49
VLSI macromodeling and signal integrity analysis via digital signal processing techniques127
FIR filter approximation by IIR filters based on discrete-time vector fitting194
Efficient linear macromodeling via least-squares response approximation183
Efficient 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in image processing122
Teaching Computational Thinking: Designing Students’ Learning Experience Through Blended Learning in Higher Education Engineering Courses in HKU13
Building an intelligent laboratory environment via a cyber-physical system73
A hybrid MPPT method for photovoltaic systems via estimation and revision method69
Porting looCi from the Contiki platform to the Zigduino platform: An working approach82
Synthesis of optimal OTA-C filter structures with arbitrary transmission zeros via MINLP191
Preface of the 2011 IAENG International Conference on Electrical Engineering Special Session: Design, analysis and tools for integrated circuits and systems64
Impact of computational thinking through coding in K-12 Education: a pilot study in Hong Kong106
Developing a smart learning environment in universities via cyber-physical systems53
WPSS: dropout prediction for MOOCs using course progress normalization and subset selection102
Towards Automatic Assessments of Collaborative Writing on Wiki34
Development of a Data-Oriented e-Learning Platform Based on the Community of Inquiry Framework32
Non-repository Uses of Learning Management System through Mobile Access16
Towards Better Grading: Promoting Grading Fairness with Assessment Decision Tree Visualization42
Leveraging Videos and Forums for Small-class Learning Experience in a MOOC Environment96
Non-repository Uses of Moodle through Mobile Access: Students’ Usage Patterns and Perceptions54
Applying the problem-based learning approach in teaching digital integrated circuit design94
Teaching introductory electrical engineering: project-based learning experience182
Designing instructional videos and classwork activities: teaching internet of things via flipped classroom96
Exploiting implicit information from data for linear macromodeling56
Building a laboratory surveillance system via a wireless sensor network49
Principle-guided flipped classroom implementation framework for teaching technological contents90
Teaching introductory circuits and systems: enhancing learning experience via iterative design process and pre-/post-project learning activities100
Advancements in using a machine design project for teaching introductory electrical engineering58
MFTI: Matrix-format tangential interpolation for modeling multi-port systems137
WISE: Warped impulse structure estimation for time-domain linear macromodeling32
Using web 2.0 tools to enhance learning in higher education: A case study in technological education41
Global optimization of common subexpressions for multiplierless synthesis of multiple constant multiplications211
OP-DCI: A Riskless K-Means Clustering for Influential User Identification in MOOC Forum84
Access Moodle Using Mobile Phones: Student Usage and Perceptions171
Facilitating teaching CPS and technology-based content with learning management systems30
Processor frequency assignment in three-dimensional MPSoCs under thermal constraints by polynomial programming155
Is there a relationship between viewing of a client video and performance in an assignment in junior speech therapy students?64
Improving Student Technical Skills Learning Experience: Designing Engineering Training with The First Principles of Instruction67
Highly resilient minimal path routing algorithm for fault tolerant Network-on-Chips53
VLSI macromodeling and signal integrity analysis via digital signal processing techniques237
Formal Verification and Synthesis Of Null Conventional Logic Circuits64
Efficient 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in image processing52
Design, analysis, tools and applications for programmable high-speed and power-aware 4G processors53
Automating assessment of collaborative writing quality in multiple stages: the case of wiki104
Designing an Autonomous Vehicle System Design Course for COVID-19 Remote Learning under First Principles of Instruction Framework22
Scale Out Teaching, Scale Up Learning: Professional Development For E-Teaching/ Learning132
Efficient design of arbitrary complex response continuous-time IIR filter142
Efficient 2D linear-phase IIR filter design and application in image filtering116
Parallel Binomial American Option Pricing On CPU-GPU Hybrid Platform56
Modeling and verification of NCL circuits using PAT62
Access moodle using mobile phones: student usage and perceptions94
Preface of the 2010 IAENG International Conference on Electrical Engineering special session: Design, analysis and tools for integrated circuits and systems60
A decade of vector fitting development: Applications on signal/power integrity156
Data-Assisted Instructional Video Revision via Course-Level Exploratory Video Retention Analysis150
VLSI Implementation of Multiplierless Filters197
CPU-GPU hybrid parallel binomial American option pricing42
Assessing an online discussion forum using a conceptual framework guided by learning analytics118
Design of hybrid continuous-time discrete-time delta-sigma modulators197
IIR approximation of FIR filters via discrete-time vector fitting192
Design and realization of a smart battery management system67
Preface of the 2012 IAENG international conference on electrical engineering special session: Design, analysis and tools for integrated circuits and systems24