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The Concepts Of Property In Common Law: Comparative Comments On The Drafting Of Prc Law Of Right Over Things121
Copyright Protection of Remixed Works20
Comparative Assessment of the Role of Patents in Innovation in the U.S., China and Hong Kong25
The pros and cons of establishing IP Court in China18
From Imitation to Innovation: the Role of Patent in China's Pharamaceutical Industry335
Pushing for greater protection: The trend toward greater protection of intellectual property in the Chinese software industry and the implications for rule of law in China117
Halsbury's Law of Hong Kong - Intellectual Property (Plant Variety Rights)100
Alice v. CLS Bank: the implications to the future of software patenting28
IP, innovation and competition: US perspective84
Intellectual property and public health: two sides of the same coin128
Introduction - Patents, Innovation and “One Country, Two Patent Systems”38
Butterworths Hong Kong patents handbook: Patents Ordinance (Cap 514) (2nd ed.)219
The Central-HKSAR Legislative Relationship: A Constitutional Assessment116
Party Politics and Judicial Independence113
Patenting Trend in China and the United States: Implications to Innovation50
Taking Authors’ Rights More Seriously22
Changing perceptions of copyright protection in the context of Media Piracy21
Amendment to Copyright law in Hong Kong and Its Implications94
Copyrightability of Remix Works and the Right of Remixers16
The challenges and possibilities of IP cooperation in Asia152
Stealing Books is not Stealing: Intellectual Property Law in Chinese Civilization (in Chinese)132
Imitation to innovation in China : the role of patents in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries231
Mismatched Copyright Objective and Reality and Proposed Reform17
The annotated ordinances of Hong Kong. Patents Ordinance (Cap 514)204
Regional integration of IPR system in Asia90
Overview of Hong Kong Creative Commons172
Internet Technology And Intellectual Property Protection106
The Current Dilemma and Future of Software Patenting32
Human Gene Patenting and Its Implications to Medical Research134
The Concepts Of Property In Common Law: Comments On Relevant Issues In The Drafts Of Prc Law Over Things145
Intellectual Property: Trade Marks, Copyright and Plant Varieties Rights129
Major differences in PRC and Hong Kong Copyright Laws150
How patents affect innovation in China?108
Reflections on the Centennial History of Transplantation and Transformation between Chinese and Western Copyright Laws155
Patent Protection for Biotechnology in Hong Kong130
Changing perception of piracy/copyright protection in Digital and Internet Era272
The boundary of Intellectual Property Law46
Protection of Remix Works and Remix Right in Copyright Law17
Open data and copyright protection23
The Age of Remix and Copyright Law Reform103
Pharmaceutical Patents Prosecution and Litigation: Specifics of Procedural Issues and Formalities45
An Overview of Patent Protection for Biotechnology in Hong Kong125
Case studies of IP and Innovation34
Taking users' rights seriously: proposed UGC solutions for spurring creativity in the Internet age28
The Necessity, Challenges, Possibilities and Models of IP Integration in Asia48
User-Generated Content from International and Chinese Law Perspective51
India and China IP Strategies Compared17
Transplantation and transformation: 30-Year development of China’s IP system131
Copyright Protection of Audiovisual Works in Hong Kong (In Chinese)29
The Boundary of Intellectual Property and Balance of Interest91
Protection of Copyright Users’ Rights: Case Study of Remix48
Patent Litigation and Patent Pool Strategies146
Intellectual Property Law157
Patenting Trend in China and the United States: Implications to Innovation71
Utility Models in China92
Invalidation Judgement: Implications to the Reform of Short-Term Patent System and IP Court68
Public Health and Drug Patenting27
The Wolf Has Come: Are China's Intellectual Property Industries Prepared for the WTO?104
Copyrightability of Digital Remix Works and the rights derived therefrom70
Biotechnology, Patent and Chinese Innovative Culture92
Patent and Innovation in China and Hong Kong: Two Systems in One Country Compared73
Reconstructing copyright to promote creativity in internet era261
Government’s position and public debates on UGC and Fair Use in Hong Kong73
PRC Patent Reform: prioritizing innovation21
The Law-making Law: a solution to the problems in the Chinese legislative system?239
Unser generated content from International and Chinese Perspectives33
The Principles of Hong Kong Law98
Problems with the Construction of Legislative Institutions in China (in Chinese)110
Copyright and Creativity46
Copyrights, fair use and infringement liability in digital and Internet environment109
Reform of China’s Patent Law System: some observations121
Development of Hong Kong's Constitutional Order After 1997106
Perspectives of Reform to Copyright Law under the Challenges of New Media117
The fate of Harvard Mice: the tendency of the International Patent Protection and the choice of China178
The Making of PRC Legislation Law: Problems and Difficulties107
The influence of internet technologies on intellectual property law91
Development of Green Technology and Protection of Intellectual Property: the View of the United States131
Research and Teaching Project and Plan108
The Legislative Autonomy of the Localities and its Impact on the Relations between the Center and the Periphery129
IP and Competition: a New Balance Game in China81
Intellectual Property Protectiosn for Genomics101
Impact of ACTA and TPP on Asia-Pacific IP System26
Balancing Interests in IPRs: A Forever Difficulty and and A New Challenge84
Transplantation and transformation: 30 years of development of China’s IP system114
Hypocritical constitutionalism: a root for the development of a hypocritical society in China144
Linkage of Patent Protection with Pharmaceutical Registration in Hong Kong: A Way Forward?159
IP strategy in China: from a business perspective13
Patent and Innovation in China’s Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries159
Intellectual property protection for e-business methods115
American Securities Law104
Necessity, Challenges, Possibilities and Models of Regional IP Integration in Asia60
The trend of Patent Law Reform in the world93
Patents and Innovation in Hong Kong142
Twenty-first Century China87
American Banking Law119
Hong Kong111
Copyright and Internet Technologies48
Internet Technologies and IPR Disputes102
Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections34
The Expansion of Users' Rights in Internet Environment29
Intellectual property and public health: two sides of the same coin98
Intellectual Property: Passing Off, Registered Designs and Patents95
The Development of Asian Intellectual Property Regime and Its Impact on World Trading System98
Are China's IP Industries Prepared for the WTO?98
The challenges for the enforcement against copyright violations in China under the trips agreement156
IP and Innovation95
Intellectual property and innovation: a case study of high-tech industries in China163
Regional Integration for the International IPRs System: East Asia's Response'134
Patent and Innovation in China60
Changing Face of Patent Litigation in China-local companies as plaintiffs against their international competitors144
Reflections on Centennial Transplantation and Integration of Chinese and Western Copyright Laws104
General Principles of Hong Kong Law173
International and Comparative Intellectual Property: Law, Policy and Practice194
China's Copyright Public Domain: A Comparison with Australia62
Copyright and Creative Industries29
Copyright, Fair Use, Public Licenses and Open Access90
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Patenting in China104
Copyright Issues with the “Black Hole” Image and Their Legal Implications90
An Unforgettable Mentor122
IP disputes between Chinese and other companies: trends and implications85
Intellectual property and free access to information88
American Law Series, v.1139
A Revelation of Amercian Presidential Election: Party Politics and Judicial Independence124
The trend of IP litigation in China143
IP and Innovation: Case Studies of Industries in China86