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Hazardous child labor in Nepal: The case of brick kilns115
Adapting NORC-SSP model in public rental estates in Hong Kong to promote aging in place74
What makes working in social enterprises distinct from NGOs and commercial corporations? Perspectives from employees93
Creating an enabling institutional environment for social innovation via public policy tools: An explorative study in Hong Kong99
MindJam: a performing arts intervention for youths in Hong Kong83
Life Satisfaction of Rural Migrant Workers in Urban China: The Roles of Community Service Participation and Identity Integration63
The development and evaluation of a policy advocacy course in Hong Kong67
A Business-like strategic model that works?: Lessons learned from a Non-Profit Incubator in China138
The role of work integration social enterprises in welfare provision: Critical perspectives from nonprofits103
Adolescent pregnancy and risk behaviours in South Africa72
Parental emotional warmth and identity integration among Chinese migrant adolescents: The role of hope120
Objective and perceived built environment, sense of community, and mental wellbeing in older adults in Hong Kong: A multilevel structural equation study78
Opportunities for organizational learning and innovation: A nonprofit case study during COVID-19 in Hong Kong 3
The Effects of Neighbourhood Migrant Concentration on Ageing-in-place Preference among Older People in China33
Accountability among nonprofits in Hong Kong: An exploratory study34
An experiential-learning based policy advocacy education model in Hong Kong: What works in a non-Western and partial democratic context?97
State and Third Sector Responses to Orphan Care Provision in China33
Children’s time use in developing countries: Comparative evidence from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam151
The role of the social innovation and entrepreneurship development fund in fostering social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: A study on public policy innovation160
Duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) and outcome of people with schizophrenia in rural China: 14-year follow-up study204
The role of technology in reconfiguring volunteer management in nonprofits in Hong Kong: Benefits and discontents119
The role of sense of community in changing the health-promoting effect of built environment: A community survey105
Child protection in China: Threats and Opportunities160
Local worker discretion within community-based organizations: Social integration, social control, or innovation?28
Neighbourhood physical environment, intrinsic capacity, and 4-year late-life functional ability trajectories of low-income Chinese older population: A longitudinal study with the parallel process of latent growth curve modelling32
The role of social enterprises in facilitating labour market integration for people with disabilities: A convenient deflection from policy mainstreaming?20
Friends in Need: Bystander Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence in Beijing and Seoul46
Fostering Civic Awareness and Participation Among Older Adults in Hong Kong: An Empowerment-Based Participatory Photo-Voice Training Model132
The relationship between Internet addiction and depression among migrant children and left-behind children in China99
Neighborhood built environments and cognition in later life14
The role of technology in reconfiguring volunteer management in nonprofits: Lessons from Hong Kong115
Correlates of behavioural and educational outcomes in Yi female orphans in rural China community: ethnic identity, teacher and peer support74
Growing Old as a Member of an Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong: Implications for an Inclusive Long-Term Care Policy Framework64
Severe mental disorders in rural China: a longitudinal survey81
Stuck in limbo: the effects of multiple precarity on intimate family life among African-Chinese families living in Guangzhou63
The role of social innovation policy in social service sector reform: Evidence from Hong Kong21
Associations between Volunteering and Mental Health during COVID-19 among Chinese Older Adults31
Achieving collaborative welfare provision for orphans: a case in Rural China26
Children engaged in commercial sexual exploitation in Nepal: the role of social work and research47
Positive Academic Achievements in Yi Youths of Rural China: Effects of Ethnic Identity and Social Support via Motivation52
Cultural consideration for cognitive-behavioural therapy for sexual minority young people in Chinese societies: Perspectives from practitioners and target users16
Building research-based evidence and programming: the case of exploitative child labour in Nepal65
Subjective well-being amongst migrant children in China: unravelling the roles of social support and identity integration180
Cultural consideration for cognitive‐behavioural therapy for sexual minority young people in Chinese societies: Perspectives from practitioners and target users7
Academic-Field Operations Collaboration: a case study of children working in Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSEC) from Kathmandu78
The buffering effect of child-caregiver relationships: Social skills development of ethnic minority children with maladaptive behaviors in rural China124
Overcoming methodological challenges in prevalence studies in developing contexts with vulnerable children71
Reconciling irreconcilable differences? Nonprofit-business collaborations in social good provision in Hong Kong.85
Academic motivations of Yi youths in China: Classmate support and ethnic identity56
The mediating role of knowledge on the contact and stigma of mental illness in Hong Kong50
Local worker discretion within non-governmental organisations: social integration, social control, or innovation?89
Depression and its risk factors among pregnant women in 2008 Sichuan earthquake area and non-earthquake struck area in China80
Promoting social capital for healthy aging: Towards an integrative framework6
In search of the identity of social enterprises: a breakthrough in welfare production93
Longitudinal associations between neighbourhood physical environments and depressive symptoms of older adults in Hong Kong: The moderating effects of terrain slope and declining functional abilities35
Non-governmental organisations and informal associations in service delivery for African migrants in China: Evidence of voluntary sector failure?79
Social Resources for Positive Psychosocial Health: Youths’ Narratives of a Street Dance Performing Arts Program54
Multiple precarity and intimate family life among African-Chinese families in Guangzhou102
The role of international non-governmental organizations in service delivery for orphans and abandoned children in China68
Changes in older adults' perceptions of age-friendliness in Hong Kong: A three-year mixed-methods study7
Neighborhood built environment and late-life depression: A multilevel path analysis in a Chinese society107
The role of non-governmental organizations and informal associations in service delivery for African migrants and their families in China74
A collaborative welfare provision for orphans: implications for State-Society Relations in China38
Quality Child-Caregiver Relationships as an Agent of Change: Longitudinal Findings on the Social Skills Development of At Risk Yi Ethnic Minority Children in Rural China.54
Predictive factors of depression symptoms among adolescents in the 18-month follow-up after Wenchuan earthquake in China177
The Contribution of Sense of Community to the Association Between Age-Friendly Built Environment and Health in a High-Density City: A Cross-Sectional Study of Middle-Aged and Older Adults in Hong Kong91
Depressive Symptoms and Coping Strategies in Community-Dwelling Older People Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Method Study10
Family caregivers and outcome of people with schizophrenia in rural China: 14-year follow-up study94
Understanding and Managing Youth and Elderly Suicide in Developed East Asia: The Imperative of Compassion in Public Health76
Child welfare NGOs in China : implications for state-society relations320
Converging humanitarian technology and social work in a public health crisis: a social innovation response to COVID-19 in Hong Kong58
From good practice to policy formation-The impact of third sector on disaster management in Taiwan54
Child welfare NGOs in Hong Kong: Does advocacy work?93
Older Adults’ Perceptions of Age-friendliness in Hong Kong511
The Emergence of Social Enterprise in China: Models and Strategies132
Child Welfare NGOs in Hong Kong: Does Advocacy Work?90
Imported altruism or strategic development? Cross-border partnerships among social welfare (I) NGOs30
What Makes Working in Social Enterprises Distinct from NGOs and Commercial Corporations? Perspectives from Employees62
Precarious youth employment in China40
Social Support for Marginalized Children41
Ethnic Identity, Perceived Classmate Support and General Self-Efficacy in Ethnic Minority Adolescents in Rural Chinese School Settings12
Developing a conceptual framework towards promoting a socially inclusive Hong Kong19
Work integration social enterprises as vessels of empowerment? Perspectives from employees122
The role of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund in fostering social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: A study on public policy innovation174
Emergent Models and Strategies of Social Enterprises in China117
An Experiential Learning-Based Integrated Policy Advocacy Education Model in Hong Kong: What Works in a Non-Western and Partial Democratic Context?27