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General properties of surface modes in binary metal-dielectric metamaterials22
Resonance amplification of left-handed transmission at optical frequencies by stimulated emission of radiation in active metamaterials25
Local plasticity of dendritic excitability can be autonomous of synaptic plasticity and regulated by activity-based phosphorylation of Kv4.218
Local electric field enhancement during nanofocusing of plasmons by a tapered gap16
Two-dimensional imaging by far-field superlens at visible wavelengths16
The metastability of an electrochemically controlled nanoscale machine on gold surfaces13
Intrinsic Two-Dimensional Ferroelectricity with Dipole Locking75
Three-dimensional nanoscale imaging by plasmonic Brownian microscopy82
Transparency window for the absorptive dipole resonance in a symmetry-reduced grating structure17
Large positive and negative lateral optical beam displacements due to surface plasmon resonance37
Focusing surface plasmons with a plasmonic lens23
Collective electronic states in inhomogeneous media at critical and subcritical metal concentrations16
Surface resonant states and superlensing in acoustic metamaterials34
A graphene-based broadband optical modulator48
A simple design of flat hyperlens for lithography and imaging with half-pitch resolution down to 20 nm26
Calligraphy on self-assembled monolayer of supramolecules4
Optical forces in hybrid plasmonic waveguides25
Creation of a magnetic plasmon polariton through strong coupling between an artificial magnetic atom and the defect state in a defective multilayer microcavity29
Self-aligned deterministic coupling of single quantum emitter to nanofocused plasmonic modes26
A holey-structured metamaterial for acoustic deep-subwavelength imaging32
Selective switch made from a graded nanosandwich chain22
Nonlinear optical selection rule based on valley-exciton locking in monolayer ws283
Plasmonic Luneburg and Eaton lenses15
Structural phase transition in monolayer MoTe2 driven by electrostatic doping56
Infrared Topological Plasmons in Graphene36
Nonlinear valley phonon scattering under the strong coupling regime14
An integrated hybrid nanophotonics platform8
Solar energy enhancement using down-converting particles: A rigorous approach28
Gate-controlled active graphene metamaterials at terahertz frequencies3
Metamaterials: A new frontier of science and technology28
Surface traps for freely rotating ion ring crystals18
Subwavelength terahertz waveguide using negative permeability metamaterial15
A carpet cloak for visible light33
Axial plane optical microscopy36
Metasurface-Enabled Remote Quantum Interference21
Experimental demonstration of low-loss optical waveguiding at deep sub-wavelength scales16
A thin and conformal metasurface for illusion acoustics of rapidly changing profiles22
Single-mode laser by parity-time symmetry breaking21
Quasi-3D plasmonic coupling scheme for near-field optical lithography and imaging20
Artificial phonon-plasmon polariton at the interface of piezoelectric metamaterials and semiconductors26
Macroscale Transformation Optics Enabled by Photoelectrochemical Etching27
Surface plasmon delocalization by short-range correlations in percolating metal systems40
Electric and magnetic excitation of coherent magnetic plasmon waves in a one-dimensional meta-chain22
Observation of strong excitonic magneto-chiral anisotropy in twisted bilayer van der Waals crystals11
Tunable oscillations in the Purkinje neuron19
Plasmonic metamaterial with coupling induced transparency12
Design, fabrication and characterization of a Far-field Superlens16
Proposed isotropic negative index in three-dimensional optical metamaterials16
Hyperbolic metamaterials and their applications44
Positioning of quantum dots on metallic nanostructures11
Discovery of intrinsic ferromagnetism in two-dimensional van der Waals crystals67
Sensitive method for measuring third order nonlinearities in compact dielectric and hybrid plasmonic waveguides16
A signal processing analysis of Purkinje cells in vitro45
Detecting Thermal Cloaks via Transient Effects30
Edge nonlinear optics on a MoS2 atomic monolayer23
Ultrafast modulation of optical metamaterials19
Unidirectional perfect absorber21
Optical Möbius symmetry in metamaterials48
Vortex degeneracy lifting and Aharonov-Bohm-like interference in deformed photonic graphene33
High-speed acoustic communication by multiplexing orbital angular momentum36
High thermoelectric power factor in two-dimensional crystals of Mo S259
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Spectral optical functions of silicon in the range of 1.13-4.96 eV at elevated temperatures15
Metasurface-Mediated Quantum Entanglement40
Diversifying Nanoparticle Assemblies in Supramolecule Nanocomposites Via Cylindrical Confinement34
Coupling effect of magnetic polariton in perforated metal/dielectric layered metamaterials and its influence on negative refraction transmission19
Atomic-scale ion transistor with ultrahigh diffusivity36
Observation of acoustic Dirac-like cone and double zero refractive index37
Interacting dark resonances with plasmonic meta-molecules20
Manufacturing at nanoscale: Top-down, bottom-up and system engineering18
Enhanced backward scattering by surface plasmons on silver film17
Unidirectional spectral singularities14
An optical cloak made of dielectrics20
Experimental observation of chiral phonons in monolayer WSe<inf>2</inf>19
Resonant scattering of surface plasmon polaritons by dressed quantum dots16
Self-adaptive acoustic cloak enabled by soft mechanical metamaterials25
Mid-IR broadband supercontinuum generation from a suspended silicon waveguide54
Tunable Thermal Transport in Polysilsesquioxane (PSQ) Hybrid Crystals39
Nonconventional metasurfaces: From non-Hermitian coupling, quantum interactions, to skin cloak95
Mode matched harmonic generation in plasmonic nanostructures9
Coupling of electromagnetic waves and superlattice vibrations in a piezomagnetic superlattice: Creation of a polariton through the piezomagnetic effect49
Time-resolved single-step protease activity quantification using nanoplasmonic resonator sensors35
Steering polarization of infrared light through hybridization effect in a tri-rod structure14
Metasurfaces for manipulating surface plasmons23
Atomically phase-matched second-harmonic generation in a 2D crystal93
Demonstration of a large-scale optical exceptional point structure40
Method for retrieving effective properties of locally resonant acoustic metamaterials22
Probing the electromagnetic field of a 15-nanometre hotspot by single molecule imaging26
Far-field measurement of ultra-small plasmonic mode volume23
Anomalous spectral scaling of light emission rates in low-dimensional metallic nanostructures18
Resonant and non-resonant generation and focusing of surface plasmons with circular gratings19
Metamaterials for perpetual cooling at large scales29
Suppression of radiation loss by hybridization effect in two coupled split-ring resonators16
Ultrasonic metamaterials with negative modulus108
Magnetic hyperbolic optical metamaterials25
Rapid, all-optical crystal orientation imaging of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers18
Comparison of different theories for focusing through a plane interface: comment30
Experimental Realization of Two Decoupled Directional Couplers in a Subwavelength Packing by Adiabatic Elimination68
Acoustic metamaterials28
Super-resolution imaging by random adsorbed molecule probes16
Thermal and carrier transport originating from photon recycling and non-radiative recombination in laser micromachining of GaAs thin films17
Directionally emitting plasmon lasers with multiplexing and electrical modulation3
Plasmonic Airy beams with dynamically controlled trajectories19
Scattering of surface plasmon polaritons at abrupt surface interfaces: Implications for nanoscale cavities20
Near-field Moiré effect mediated by surface plasmon polariton excitation21
Raman enhancement factor of a single tunable nanoplasmonic resonator11
Active plasmonics: Surface plasmon interaction with optical emitters17
Micro-stereolithography of polymeric and ceramic microstructures25
Directionality and integration of nanoscale plasmon lasers10
Dynamically tunable and active hyperbolic metamaterials60
PT-symmetric acoustics32
Modeling the directed transmission and reflection enhancements of the lasing surface plasmon amplification by stimulated emission of radiation in active metamaterials24
Nonlinear infrared plasmonic waveguide arrays17
Three-dimensional nanoscale optical cavities of indefinite metamaterial3
Selective optical trapping based on strong plasmonic coupling between gold nanorods and slab18
Slow-light dispersion by transparent waveguide plasmon polaritons16
Transparent metals for ultrabroadband electromagnetic waves18
Interacting dark resonances with metallic nano-antennas6
Optical negative refraction in ferrofluids with magnetocontrollability56
Semiclassical model of stimulated Raman scattering in photonic crystals25
Predicting nonlinear properties of metamaterials from the linear response20
A two-stage heating scheme for heat assisted magnetic recording17
Reflective interferometry for optical metamaterial phase measurements18
A micro methanol fuel cell operating at near room temperature28
Heterojunction silicon microwire solar cells13
The interaction between quantum dots and coupled magnetic plasmon in coupled metamaterial18
Athermal Broadband Graphene Optical Modulator with 35 GHz Speed24
Subwavelength discrete solitons in nonlinear metamaterials54
Tuning the polarization state of light via time retardation with a microstructured surface37
Hybrid Lithographic and DNA-Directed Assembly of a Configurable Plasmonic Metamaterial That Exhibits Electromagnetically Induced Transparency34
Overcoming the bandgap limitation on solar cell materials23
Magnetized plasma for reconfigurable subdiffraction imaging25
Functional molecularly imprinted polymer microstructures fabricated using microstereolithography21
Projection micro-stereolithography using digital micro-mirror dynamic mask23
Multiplexed and electrically modulated plasmon laser circuit15
Calculation of vectorial diffraction in optical systems39
Enhanced optical forces in hybrid plasmonic devices7
A carpet cloak device for visible light3
Ultrafast fluorescent decay induced by metal-mediated dipole–dipole interaction in two-dimensional molecular aggregates42
Topological Corner Modes Induced by Dirac Vortices in Arbitrary Geometry12
Plasmonic nearfield scanning probe with high transmission11
Confinement and propagation characteristics of subwavelength plasmonic modes16
Giant suppression of photobleaching for single molecule detection via the Purcell effect15
Plasmon-boosted magneto-optics17
Explosives detection in a lasing plasmon nanocavity16
Asymmetric Free-Space Light Transport at Nonlinear Metasurfaces80
Designing the Fourier space with transformation optics17
Mimicking celestial mechanics in metamaterials29
Synthesis of a gold nanoparticle dimer plasmonic resonator through two-phase-mediated functionalization18
Regenerating evanescent waves from a silver superlens15
Switching terahertz waves with gate-controlled active graphene metamaterials32
Vectorial point spread function and optical transfer function in oblique plane imaging15
Wide-field axial plane optical microscopy5
High-Performance Single-Crystalline Perovskite Thin-Film Photodetector51
Enhanced sensing performance by the plasmonic analog of electromagnetically induced transparency in active metamaterials28
Ultranarrow coupling-induced transparency bands in hybrid plasmonic systems14
Development and characterization of a silicon-based micro direct methanol fuel cell15
Toward integrated plasmonic circuits24
Placement of alkanethiol-capped Au nanoparticles using organic solvents15
Tunable and augmented plasmon resonances of Au/SiO2/Au nanodisks16
Broad band two-dimensional manipulation of surface plasmons17
Experimental demonstration of in-plane negative-angle refraction with an array of silicon nanoposts80
Hybridization of photonic crystal cavities and surface plasmons2
Self-Assembled, Nanostructured, Tunable Metamaterials via Spinodal Decomposition29
Toroidal dipole response in a multifold double-ring metamaterial53
Ultra-compact silicon nanophotonic modulator with broadband response88
Near-field examination of perovskite-based superlenses and superlens-enhanced probe-object coupling16
Plasmonic nanolithography35
Superlenses to overcome the diffraction limit14
Lipid bilayer-integrated optoelectronic tweezers for nanoparticle manipulations27
All-liquid photonic microcavity stabilized by quantum dots27
Coherence-enhanced surface plasmon polariton propagation length6
Design, fabrication and characterization of indefinite metamaterials of nanowires19
Maskless plasmonic lithography at 22 nm resolution18
Roadmap on plasmonics125
Ultraslow waves on the nanoscale29
Plasmon-induced transparency in metamaterials112
Interparticle coupling effects on plasmon resonances of nanogold particles16
Signals and circuits in the Purkinje neuron18
Compressing surface plasmons for nano-scale optical focusing20
Metamaterials assembled by light10
Adiabatic far-field sub-diffraction imaging22
Electromagnetic energy density in a single-resonance chiral metamaterial18
Ultrafast Spontaneous Emission from a Slot-Antenna Coupled WSe2 Monolayer105
Resonating metasurface photon and its spin manipulation3
Nonreciprocal Localization of Photons33
Nonvolatile MoS2 field effect transistors directly gated by single crystalline epitaxial ferroelectric55
Anomalously low electronic thermal conductivity in metallic vanadium dioxide101
Deep subwavelength surface modes in metal-dielectric metamaterials13
Excitonic dark states in single atomic layer of transition metal dichalcogenide5
Scale-up of the manufacturing of optical metamaterials14
Manipulating optical rotation in extraordinary transmission by hybrid plasmonic excitations28
Rapid growth of evanescent wave by a silver superlens14
Experimental realization of three-dimensional indefinite cavities at the nanoscale with anomalous scaling laws23
Large-scale chemical assembly of atomically thin transistors and circuits29
Split ring resonator sensors for infrared detection of single molecular monolayers28
Theory of the transmission properties of an optical far-field superlens for imaging beyond the diffraction limit19
High purcell factor due to coupling of a single emitter to a dielectric slot waveguide78
Demonstration of chiral negative-index metamaterials18
Hong-Ou-Mandel interference mediated by the magnetic plasmon waves in a three-dimensional optical metamaterial19
Microstereolithography of lead zirconate titanate thick film on silicon substrate12
Electrodynamical light trapping using whispering-gallery resonances in hyperbolic cavities21
Generation of linear and nonlinear nonparaxial accelerating beams18
Cloaking of matter waves17
Plasmonic fabry-pérot nanocavity21
High-Q surface-plasmon-polariton whispering-gallery microcavity27
Accessing the exceptional points of parity-time symmetric acoustics29
All-angle negative refraction and imaging in a bulk medium made of metallic nanowires in the visible region20
Probing excitonic dark states in single-layer tungsten disulphide37
Robust plasmonic hot-spots in a metamaterial lattice for enhanced sensitivity of infrared molecular detection17
Feedback-driven self-assembly of symmetry-breaking optical metamaterials in solution29
Control of plasmon dynamics in coupled plasmonic hybrid mode microcavities12
Optical and acoustic metamaterials: superlens, negative refractive index and invisibility cloak67
Directional excitation without breaking reciprocity28
Deep subwavelength terahertz waveguides using gap magnetic plasmon18
Optical loss compensation in a bulk left-handed metamaterial by the gain in quantum dots41
A hybrid plasmonic waveguide for subwavelength confinement and long-range propagation72
Far-field optical hyperlens magnifying sub-diffraction-limited objects71
Reentrant Phenomenon of a Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal under an Ac Electric-Field59
Single-photon test of hyper-complex quantum theories using a metamaterial23
Experimental demonstration of an acoustic magnifying hyperlens18
Observation of stimulated emission of surface plasmon polaritons19
Formation of fine near-field scanning optical microscopy tips. Part I. By static and dynamic chemical etching18
An ultrathin invisibility skin cloak for visible light28
Omnidirectional negative refraction with wide bandwidth introduced by magnetic coupling in a tri-rod structure18
Emergence of an enslaved phononic bandgap in a non-equilibrium pseudo-crystal30
All-optical Hall effect by the dynamic toroidal moment in a cavity-based metamaterial20
A Coupled Electromagnetic and Thermal Model for Picosecond and Nanometer Scale Plasmonic Lithography Process43
Negative acoustic index metamaterial24
All optical interface for parallel, remote, and spatiotemporal control of neuronal activity17
Monolayer excitonic laser40
Externally driven broadband transmission in strongly disordered materials12
Unidirectional light propagation at exceptional points18
Imaging properties of a metamaterial superlens21
Coexistence of localized and delocalized surface plasmon modes in percolating metal films43
Recent advances in transformation optics13
Electrically induced 2D half-metallic antiferromagnets and spin field effect transistors62
Patterning-Induced Ferromagnetism of Fe3GeTe2 van der Waals Materials beyond Room Temperature114
Plasmon Resonance of Finite One-Dimensional Au Nanoparticle Chains47
Plasmon nanolaser and circuit5
Tuning the focus of a plasmonic lens by the incident angle16
Multijunction solar cell efficiencies: Effect of spectral window, optical environment and radiative coupling13
Subwavelength confinement and guiding of terahertz waves by gap magnetic plasmon waveguides7
Near-field two-photon nanolithography using an apertureless optical probe17
Stiction problems in releasing of 3D microstructures and its solution13
Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams beyond the paraxial limit12
Generation of acoustic self-bending and bottle beams by phase engineering27
Resonant phase matching of josephson junction traveling wave parametric amplifiers19
Low-loss and energy efficient modulation in silicon photonic waveguides by adiabatic elimination scheme33
Phase mismatch-free nonlinear propagation in optical zero-index materials24
Space-time crystals of trapped ions17
Symmetry breaking and optical negative index of closed nanorings14
Nonlinear quantum optics in a waveguide: Distinct single photons strongly interacting at the single atom level17
Symmetric and antisymmetric modes of electromagnetic resonators24
Three-dimensional nanometer-scale optical cavities of indefinite medium70
Nanoporous silicon networks as anodes for lithium ion batteries15
Realization of Translational Symmetry in Trapped Cold Ion Rings16
A Thermal Radiation Modulation Platform by Emissivity Engineering with Graded Metal–Insulator Transition11
Mapping the near-field dynamics in plasmon-induced transparency22
Broad band focusing and demultiplexing of in-plane propagating surface plasmons31
Intracellular delivery of top-down fabricated tunable nano-plasmonic resonators20
Extraordinary optical transmission induced by excitation of a magnetic plasmon propagation mode in a diatomic chain of slit-hole resonators18
Quantum coherence-driven self-organized criticality and nonequilibrium light localization35
Observation of piezoelectricity in free-standing monolayer MoS236
Observation of chiral phonons87
Sub-diffraction-limited optical imaging with a silver superlens30
Gradient lithography of engineered proteins to fabricate 2D and 3D cell culture microenvironments14
Imaging visible light using anisotropic metamaterial slab lens16
Selective self-assembly of symmetry-breaking nanoplasmonic structures7
Near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield in MoS230
Applied physics: Extreme light-bending power17
Three-dimensional optical metamaterial with a negative refractive index32
Spontaneous Exciton Valley Coherence in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers Interfaced with an Anisotropic Metasurface57
Flying plasmonic lens in the near field for high-speed nanolithography16
Terahertz Magnetic Response from Artificial Materials21
Exciton-dominant electroluminescence from a diode of monolayer MoS234
Hybrid photonic-plasmonic crystal nanocavities18
Interacting dark resonance physics with metamolecules9
Subwavelength pixelated CMOS color sensors based on anti-Hermitian metasurface7
Deterministic coupling of epitaxial semiconductor quantum dots to hyperbolic metamaterial66
Diffusion-limited photopolymerization in scanning micro-stereolithography28
Magnetic resonance hybridization and optical activity of microwaves in a chiral metamaterial22
Surface plasmon amplification in planar metal films31
Gate-controlled active graphene metamaterials6
Plasmon lasers at deep subwavelength scale35
One-way invisible cloak using parity-time symmetric transformation optics23
Fluorescence enhancement by a two-dimensional dielectric annular Bragg resonant cavity17
Negative refractive index in a bulk optical metamaterial19
Optical negative refraction in bulk metamaterials of nanowires15
Nanopin plasmonic resonator array and its optical properties21
Unidirectional Extraordinary Sound Transmission with Mode-Selective Resonant Materials7
No drain, no gain24
Development of optical hyperlens for imaging below the diffraction limit13
Formation of fine near-field scanning optical microscopy tips. Part II. By laser-heated pulling and bending14
Excimer laser projection micromachining of polyimide thin films annealed at different temperatures12
Self-amplifying autocrine actions of BDNF in axon development15
Structural-configurated Magnetic plasmon bands in connected ring chains21
Polarization-controlled coherent phonon generation in acoustoplasmonic metasurfaces24
Controlling the Phase and Amplitude of Plasmon Sources at a Subwavelength Scale46
Excimer laser ablation of thin gold films on a quartz crystal microbalance at various argon background pressures11
Nonparaxial Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams38
Plasmonic Brownian ratchet21
Transient temperature during the vaporization of liquid on a pulsed laser-heated solid surface12
Adiabatic elimination-based coupling control in densely packed subwavelength waveguides29
Experimental demonstration of three-dimensional nanoscale metamaterial optical cavities4
Cloaking of cold atoms16
Electrical generation and control of the valley carriers in a monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide24
Spectroscopic signature of chiral phonons in 2D materials12
Exciton-related electroluminescence from monolayer MoS<inf>2</inf>6
A near–quantum-limited Josephson traveling-wave parametric amplifier39
Experimental and numerical investigations on microstereolithography of ceramics13
Subcellular resolution mapping of endogenous cytokine secretion by nano-plasmonic-resonator sensor array29
Light-driven nanoscale plasmonic motors19
Deep subwavelength nanolithography using localized surface plasmon modes on planar silver mask13
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Strongly enhanced molecular fluorescence inside a nanoscale waveguide gap17
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Magnetic plasmon hybridization and optical activity at optical frequencies in metallic nanostructures21
Control of Coherently Coupled Exciton Polaritons in Monolayer Tungsten Disulphide31
Contribution of the electric quadrupole resonance in optical metamaterials17
Metamaterial of rod pairs standing on gold plate and its negative refraction property in the far-infrared frequency regime19
Weaving of organic threads into a crystalline covalent organic framework34
Quantum-coherence-enhanced transient surface plasmon lasing23
Anti-Hermitian plasmon coupling of an array of gold thin-film antennas for controlling light at the nanoscale34
Electrical valley excitation by spin injection in monolayer TMDC8
Dynamically routing surface plasmon polaritons along arbitrary trajectories7
Photoinduced handedness switching in terahertz chiral metamolecules29
Optical toroidal dipolar response by an asymmetric double-bar metamaterial22
Temperature-gated thermal rectifier for active heat flow control41
Brownian motion of tethered nanowires35
Far-field optical superlens24
Midinfrared metamaterials fabricated by nanoimprint lithography19
Realization of optical superlens imaging below the diffraction limit22
Plasmonically induced transparent magnetic resonance in a metallic metamaterial composed of asymmetric double bars26
Photonic spin hall effect at metasurfaces80
Adhesion force of polymeric three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by microstereolithography28
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Magnetic plasmon modes in periodic chains of nanosandwiches17
Projecting deep-subwavelength patterns from diffraction-limited masks using metal-dielectric multilayers33
Valley photonic crystals for control of spin and topology24
Spherical hyperlens for two-dimensional sub-diffractional imaging at visible frequencies33
A microfabricated platform probing cytoskeleton dynamics using multidirectional topographical cues26
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Four wave mixing propagation in fishnet metamaterials4
Integrated hybrid nanophotonics10
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Large spontaneous-emission enhancements in metallic nanostructures: Towards LEDs faster than lasers23
Optical modulation of aqueous metamaterial properties at large scale23
Janus monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides108
Large quantum superpositions of a levitated nanodiamond through spin-optomechanical coupling34
Optical negative refraction by four-wave mixing in thin metallic nanostructures30
Acoustic rainbow trapping26
Near-field electromagnetic theory for thin solar cells12
Sub-100 nm lithography using ultrashort wavelength of surface plasmons19
Low-frequency ac electric field and temperature dependence on the helical pitch in a ferroelectric liquid crystal96
Ultra-shallow p(+)-junction formation in silicon by excimer laser doping: A heat and mass transfer perspective18
Nonlinear optics in zero index materials6
Direct observation of Klein tunneling in phononic crystals8
Deep-subwavelength integrated optoelectronics9
Molding the flow of light with artificial optical materials18
Room-temperature sub-diffraction-limited plasmon laser by total internal reflection14
X-Ray Investigation on Temperature Dependence of the Tilt Angle in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals53
Development of bulk optical negative index fishnet metamaterials: Achieving a low-loss and broadband response through coupling5
Epitaxial Single-Layer MoS2 on GaN with Enhanced Valley Helicity78
Spotlight on plasmon lasers16
The influences of the material properties on ceramic micro-stereolithography19
Single-emitter quantum electrodynamics in a one-dimensional dielectric continuum far beyond the diffraction limit9
Single-crystalline layered metal-halide perovskite nanowires for ultrasensitive photodetectors138
Role of asymmetric environment on the dark mode excitation in metamaterial analogue of electromagnetically-induced transparency13
Negative refractive index in chiral metamaterials24
Nonlinear Optical Propagation in Zero Index Materials6
Near-Field Multiphoton Nanolithography Using an Apertureless Optical Probe5
Ray optics at a deep-subwavelength scale: A transformation optics approach14
Coherence-Driven Topological Transition in Quantum Metamaterials38
Silicon photonics: Graphene benefits19
Quantum coherence-assisted propagation of surface plasmon polaritons24
Terahertz plasmonic high pass filter19
Piezoelectric–piezomagnetic multilayer with simultaneously negative permeability and permittivity72
Compact magnetic antennas for directional excitation of surface plasmons19
Polymeric micromechanical components with tunable stiffness52
Experimental study of transmission enhancement of evanescent waves through silver films assisted by surface plasmon excitation15
Graphene optical modulator5
Axon initiation and growth cone turning on bound protein gradients22
Three-dimensional indefinite metamaterial nanocavities with anomalous scaling law8
Magnetic plasmon propagation along a chain of connected subwavelength resonators at infrared frequencies19
Double-layer graphene optical modulator35
Plasmon lasers: Coherent light source at molecular scales79
An optical "janus" device for integrated photonics20
Subwavelength dynamic focusing in plasmonic nanostructures using time reversal13
The gain effect in a magnetic plasmon waveguide15
Lasing and anti-lasing in a single cavity40
Optical metamaterials at near and mid-IR range fabricated by nanoimprint lithography61
Transformational plasmon optics24
Ultrafast acousto-plasmonic control and sensing in complex nanostructures18
Thermal conductivity and diffusivity of free‐standing silicon nitride thin films24
Microspectroscopy on perovskite-based superlenses [Invited]19