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Land Law in Hong Kong (2nd ed.)111
Patent Law Update20
IP Creation, Valuation and Commercialization48
Language and the Law in Hong Kong: From English to Chinese113
Subsidized housing: a hard choice between Trust Law and Statutory Schemes35
When a Solicitor Meets Social Innovation25
Copyright and Sense of Humour across Cultures and Jurisdictions42
'An Exception for Parody - A Common Concern in the Recent Copyright Consultation in UK and Hong Kong'28
Copyright and Wikimedia86
Butterworths Hong Kong copyright handbook: Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528)91
Land disputes in HK23
Reflections on Intellectual Property Reform in Hong Kong45
Intellectual Property Law and practice in Hong Kong261
From fair dealing to fair use to UGC - three steps to Copyright Reform or Pseutopia?72
Land Law in Hong Kong (4th ed.)156
Regulation of sale of uncompleted flats in Hong Kong195
Patents and Competition Law29
Hong Kong Patent Law Reform: A Half-Fought Battle 24
Patent professionalism: a holistic approach22
Adverse Possession and Proprietary Estoppel as Defences to Actions for Possession133
Copyright Buy-out in the Music Industry: A Comparative Study of the Asia-Pacific Region23
AI & IP Transcending the Global Divide28
Flexibly applying the law to regulate illegal buildings in Hong Kong65
Toward a Collaborative Inquiry into Pedagogical Excellence10
Rule Against Perpetuities112
Mobility and Deep Engagement with Content14
Hong Kong23
From Fair Dealing to User-Generated Content: Legal La La Land in Hong Kong76
A Practical Approach to Intellectual Property Law in Hong Kong149
Statutory Intellectual Property Rights131
Intellectual Property: A Guide To The Law In Hong Kong (With reference to the developments in China)118
Passing Off106
Intellectual Property in Hong Kong132
Protecting trade marks in Hong Kong: Re Omega134
Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (Chinese version)115
Studio Without Borders: Collaborative Learning for Law and Architecture19
Feedback for Learning: Feedback Tutorial33
Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Hong Kong (2nd ed.)499
Butterworths Hong Kong copyright handbook: Copyright ordinance (Cap 528) (with annotations)102
Teaching Resilience as Practical Legal Education10
Intellectual Property: Trade Marks, Copyright and Plant Varieties Rights127
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Understanding Copyright and Copywrong: Improving your © Intelligence17
Well-Known Trade Marks and Dissimilar Goods: HK, UK and EU Law179
Land Law in Hong Kong (3rd ed.) (Practitioners' edition with Foreword by Lam J)154
Students as Partners in Implementing and Evaluating Virtual Learning and Teaching10
Regulating sale of uncompleted flats in Hong Kong105
Copyright Buy-Out Comparative Study: Feedback from Asia-Pacific Countries and Territories20
Sustainable Learning, Leading and Living in the 'I' Age26
Property Law147
Copyright in Teaching & Research28
Online Legal Education in Hong Kong29
Copyright and Creative Commons in Teaching and Learning11
Breach of Confidence200
Student-Driven Green Tutorial19
Intellectual Property Ambassador Scheme – the skill and will necessary for lifelong learning and global citizenship40
Google AdWords and Trademark Rights: the European and Hong Kong Approaches68
An unsolved problem for adverse possessors of New Territories land119
Land Registration: Validity, Priority and Statutory Interpretation188
Sharing under Copyright Law123
Copyright Buyout8
Discrepancy between legal approaches and policy goals: A case study of subsidized housing in Hong Kong28
Examination of short-term Patents in Hong Kong120
Integrated Circuits82
Regulation of sale of uncompleted residential flats in Hong Kong144
Students as Partners in Innovative Learning and Teaching: Case Studies in Mainland and Hong Kong Universities29
General Principles of Hong Kong Law157
Student-Selected Multimedia Learning 16
An International, Interdisciplinary and Innovative Discussion Platform for Real Estate and Legal Education in Hong Kong66
Language and the law in Hong Kong: from English to Chinese112
Students as Partners, Producers, Pioneers25
Learning and living become seamless and synonymous, and lifelong learning is archievable29
Intellectual Property Law177
Online Legal Education in Hong Kong24
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Copyright Buyout in the Music Industry: A Comparative Study of the Asia-Pacific Region10
Copyright in simple words26
How Copyright Law addresses the needs of luxury brands in a Digital Era36
Land Law in Hong Kong (4th ed., Practitioners' ed.)162
Leases Beyond 2047?155
Copyright: Questions and Examples from the Education Sector8
Enlivening the law classroom: Let students speak, not just sit14