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Data from: The Oropharyngeal Airway in Young Adults with Skeletal Class II and Class III Deformities: A 3-D Morphometric Analysis
Jayaratne, Yasas Shri Nalaka
Data from: Inter-Ethnic/Racial Facial Variations: A Systematic Review and Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Photogrammetric Studies
Wen, Yi Feng
Lin, Ruitao
Data from: Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Chlorhexidine against Oral Bacterial Biofilms
Leung, Ken Cham-Fai
Wong, Chi-Hin
Lee, Siu-Fung
Li, Xuan
Leung, Ping Chung
Lau, Clara Bik San
Wat, Elaine
Data from: Interruption of Electrical Conductivity of Titanium Dental Implants Suggests a Path Towards Elimination Of Corrosion
Pozhitkov, Alex E.
Daubert, Diane
Donimirski, Ashley Brochwicz
Goodgion, Douglas
Vagin, Mikhail Y.
Leroux, Brian G.
Hunter, Colby M.
Noble, Peter A.
Bryers, James D.
Data from: Association between Herpesviruses and Chronic Periodontitis: A Meta-Analysis Based on Case-Control Studies
Zhu, Ce
Li, Fei
Feng, Xi-Ping
Lu, Hai-Xia
Xu, Wei
Data from: The Efficacy and Clinical Safety of Various Analgesic Combinations for Post-Operative Pain after Third Molar Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Au, Alvin Ho Yeung
Choi, Siu Wai
Data from: Automatic Detection and Reproduction of Natural Head Position in Stereo-Photogrammetry
Hsung, Tai-Chiu
Li, Tik-Shun
Data from: Effectiveness of Educational Poster on Knowledge of Emergency Management of Dental Trauma - Part 2: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial for Secondary School Students
Young, Cecilia
Wong, Kin Yau